Billy Price Knows What The Cincinnati Bengals Expect From Him

Billy Price

The Cincinnati Bengals first round center Billy Price is proving he wants to take a leadership role with all the rookies. He was picked first. He needs to play the part.

How do you play the part of a first round center? The answer is Billy Price. He is a true professional. He knows what is expected of him. He knows he is the face of a newly constructed offensive line. The center runs the show. The center commands the offensive line where to block and controls shifts and movement of the line of every single play. The center has to build trust and leadership. Billy Price has shown the work ethic and the leadership in Bengals mini-camp this past weekend.

In order to become a leader you have to know what is expected of you. Billy Price understands the game speed will be extremely quicker. There has to be split decisions that can make or break a play. He needs to be durable. His work ethic is already strong. He is the first one out to camp and the last one to leave. He is always doing extra drills. They will always find him in the classroom. He needs to not just recognize the speed of defenses but read the different schemes and blitz packages. There is a lot of movement in this offense during running plays. Shifting quickly on gap plays and reaching the second line of defense real quick id something he needs to work on because the game is so much quicker.

Billy Price gives respect to every player in rookie camp. He is the first round pick but he knows he can’t cruise through camp thinking he has a job. He works hard and makes everyone around him work hard.

Billy Price can’t wait to train with the whole offensive line. He can start learning the game speed along with the veterans. Everything that Price has shown so far looks like he will be a great commander in time of that offensive line.

He does a good job off the field too. the media doesn’t shake him. He products himself as a professional of many years when it is only his first year.

The Cincinnati Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack is also a great motivator. That is going to help each and every one of these players trying for a spot on this offensive line. In his first rookie mini-camp experts notice a harder work ethic and morale in the offensive line than ever before.

We will bring you more on Billy Price’s continued learning. It should be interesting how quickly he can learn everything in one training camp. He needs to be ready now and this organization is counting on Price more than ever.


The Cincinnati Bengals Sign Three More Draft Picks


The Cincinnati Bengals signed three more draft picks yesterday. They have four more draft picks to go.

The Bengals newest safety Jessie Bates just signed his first NFL contract. The second rounder signed a contract for four years worth $4.94 million and $2.38 million guaranteed at signing. That puts his net worth this season at $2.15 million. He will be expecting to take over the free safety position.


Jessie Bates
The Bengals second round safety Jessie Bates that will turn heads in the secondary.

Former fourth round pick running back Mark Walton has also signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. His rookie contract is set at four years making $3.14 million. He will be guaranteed $685,000 at signing. He will be making 1.16 million this season. He will be battling for the 3rd running back spot. He should be able get one of the returner positions in special teams.

Mark Walton
The Bengals fourth round running back Mark Walton will help out in special teams.

The Bengals fifth rounder cornerback Darius Phillips also signed his rookie contract. His contract is set at 4 years and $2.67 million. His guaranteed signing bonus is set at $217,553. He will be making $697,553 this season. He should win the other return position on special teams. He is a very diverse cornerback seems he can play 3rd or 4th corner in a nickel or dime defense. Plus he has six picks for touchdowns and five touchdowns on special teams.

Darius Phillips
Darius Phillips is the best scoring defensive backs in the nation.

The signing information on Fridays signings are in also. Seventh rounder quarterback Logan Woodside is set to make $2,52 million in the next four years including $70,000 signing bonus. Also a seventh round pick guard Rod Taylor is set at $2.52 million for four years. His bonus is set at 69,070. Fifth rounder defensive tackle Andrew Brown will be making $2.73 million in the next four years. His signing bonus is set at $278,413. The other fifth round pick cornerback Davontae Harris will be making $2.74 in the next four years. His signing bonus will be at $288,574.

This leaves four more draft picks to go. The first round draft pick center Billy Price usually will take the longest. Malik Jefferson, Sam Hubbard, and Auden Tate will be expected to sign soon.

The Cincinnati Bengals Signed Fourteen Players On Friday

The Cincinnati Bengals just signed four of their eleven draft picks on Friday. They have also signed ten undrafted free agents.

The Cincinnati Bengals were able to sign two of their fifth round draft picks. Former Illinois State cornerback Davonte Harris is having very good competition with another rookie cornerback Darius Phillips in rookie mini-camp. He was the first to sign. Former Virginia defensive tackle Andrew Brown is also having a good rookie mini-camp.

The Cincinnati Bengals also signed former Toledo quarterback Logan Woodside and former Ole Miss guard Rod Taylor. Both players were drafted in the seventh round. Woodside is excited to compete for the backup quarterback position. He will be battling against Matt Barkley which is the front-runner. He will also be battling Jeff Driskel which was the Bengals third quarterback last year.

The Bengals also signed some familiar undrafted free agents. Former quarterback from South Florida Quinton Flowers moved to running back. His transition will be watched very closely. The Bengals like quarterbacks that are pocket Qbs and he isn’t one. They think his skill set is perfect for the running back position. Former Ohio State linebacker Chris Worley just signed with the Bengals also. He is used to fighting for positions. He didn’t come on to the draft scheme till his last year in college because of the talent they had in front of him.

The Bengals signed eight more undrafted free agents. UNLV wide receiver Devonte Boyd, East Carolina defensive end Gaelin Elmore, Colorado Mesa tackle Austin Fleer, UCF tight end Jordan Franks, Hawaii safety Trayvon Henderson, Connecticut linebacker Junior Joseph, Old Dominion running back Ray Lawry, and Arkansas State defensive end Ja’Von Rolland-Jones have all signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rookie mini-camp has already started and a lot has been going on. Our four top draft picks are making great strides in learning a new process. The leader of the draft class Ohio State center is ready to step up.


The Cincinnati Bengals Claim Ka’Raun White From Waivers

Ka'Raun White

The Cincinnati Bengals claimed ex West Virgina wide receiver Ka’raun White off waivers this past Tuesday. They will get a great look at him in mini-camp this weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks gave Ka’Raun White an undrafted free agent contract. It was a three-year 1.4 million dollar contract. He was able to go to their rookie mini-camp over the last weekend. After that weekend he was cut. The Cincinnati Bengals picked him up off waivers on Tuesday for the same contract. He will be participating in the Bengals rookie mini-camp this weekend.

Ka’Raun White is already from a family of stars that went to West Virgina. His brother, ex safety from West Virgina Kyzir White, got drafted from the LA Chargers in the fourth round of this year’s draft. His older brother Kevin White was a huge star wide receiver for the Mountaineers. He was a first rounder drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2015.

Ka’Raun White had a very impressive senior year. He raked in 61 catches for 1004 yards and 12 touchdowns. He would have had an even better campaign if West Virgina quarterback Will Grier had a healthy season. He is still very impressive.

He is 6’1 and weighs 205 pounds. He has very good speed and he has great upper body strength for a player his size. He gets sudden bursts of speed when he comes out of his routes. His speed and his precision on his routes give him a huge advantage. They used to call him “MR.HANDS”. It is very noticeable in this video.

Ka’Raun White looks like he wants to prove to the NFL that he should have been drafted. He will get that chance. The Bengals for the past several years huge competition at the wide receiver position. The one advantage to look for is his ability to get separation quickly on man to man coverage. He could have a very good chance to get a job.

Zach Green Signs A Undrafted Free Agent Contract

Zach Green

Zach Green signs with the Cincinnati Bengals about a week ago. He is a former running back from Arizona. The Bengals have a stock pile of Rbs at the moment. The one thing that is great about Zach Green is he is a grinder. He is an old school work horse that can give any team 3 to 4 yards a carry each time out.

He wasn’t drafted basically because of his speed. He never goes sideline to sideline. He dominates between the tackles. Most NFL teams are looking for flash and he doesn’t have it. The thing he does have is a brutality to run over the first player he hits.

In Zach Green’s entire career, he carried the ball 157 times for 746 yards. That is a 4.8 average a carry. He scored 14 touchdowns with 11 coming from last season.

Here is his video. Watch as he dominates between the tackles.

The Cincinnati Bengals Drafted Malik Jefferson In A Surprise Pick In The Third Round

Malik Jefferson

Malik Jefferson was the Cincinnati Bengals third round pick. He was on the board due to a trade and jumped up 22 spots to 78. It was a bold move. The Bengals passed on every top Lb till they found Jefferson later in the 3rd round. There have been good things said about him and his received negative criticism by the fans.

Malik Jefferson no doubt is the best Lb coming out of the Big 12 conference. In fact the next best Lb in that conference is Chad Whitener of the OSU Cowboys. He didn’t even get drafted. Malik started his college career at Texas as a Freshman All-American in 2015. At that time he was ranked as one of the best Lbs in the country. Last year he became the Big 12 Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

Malik is very raw and edgy. He has the tools to become a very good Lb in the next few years depending on playing time. He might be playing OLB when Vontaze Burfict is on suspension for the first four games. He does have a learning curve much like most Lbs coming from the Big 12. He is a great run stuffer and has great lateral movement. He doesn’t have the coverage ability. The reason not many Lbs come from that conference is because that conference has been blessed with great TEs and RBs that can defeat most of the Lbs in this conference.

The one reason why this pick can come down as a great pick is because he was the only Lb in the conference to have great success. Plus the day of the great coverage linebackers might never be seen again. A lot of team’s defenses are relying on nickel and dime packages since a lot of the Defensive backs in today’s game are more of a hybrid player. Teams want to get a defensive back on these running backs and TEs instead of the modern-day linebacker.

The Bengals should be just fine seeing what Jefferson can do in the first four games. He is not a very good coverage guy but Austin loves to bring in nickel and dime packages. This will keep him focused on what he does best. He will find a home here and in a few years he might no doubt have a starting job with no competition for it.

Here is some tape on Malik Jefferson. Tell me what you think in comments. He has sacked Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield a couple of times.

The Over/Under On Cincinnati Bengals Wins Is 6

Cincinnati Bengals

Vegas just the other day listed the Bengals at winning roughly six games. First of all, never read odds before training camp. These odds were made right after the NFL draft. So is this a fair justification or should everyone just take the over and get over it. If these odds were set before the start of the NFL new year then sure it would be a strong bet.

What have the Bengals done so far to sway an over bet?

The Bengals set out to hire two quality coaches that have had success at their positions. Teryl Austin is the new defensive coordinator coming from Detroit. Frank Pollack has had massive success coaching one of the best offensive lines in the game (Dallas Cowboys).

Then the organization actually took sets in getting key free agents. They grabbed Chris Baker,formerly of the Redskins,to help out the defensive line. They signed Bobby Hart from the Giants to compete for a tackle position. They signed Preston Brown from Buffalo to help out at Mlb. The biggest piece of the puzzle was to make a trade with the Bills to get Cordy Glenn to start at LT.

Then the Bengals went to the draft and by drafts end they produced a very strong grade.

  • First round pick – Billy Price Center Ohio State
  • Second round pick – Jessie Bates Safety Wake Forest
  • Third round pick – Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
  • Third round pick – Malik Jefferson lb Texas
  • Fourth round pick – Mark Walton Rb Miami FL
  • Fifth round pick – Devontae Harris Cb Illinois State
  • Fifth round pick – Andrew Brown DT Virginia
  • Fifth round pick – Darius Phillips Cb Western Michigan
  • Seventh round pick – Logan Woodside Qb Toledo
  • Seventh round pick – Rod Taylor G Ole Miss
  • Seventh round pick – Auden Tate Wr Florida State

The Bengals even have 12 UDFA that will be coming to camp.

Bengal fans take this bet. There is a potential for 8 to 9 games to win. This is just by what is seen on paper. Can’t wait to see all these new players be competitive this year. Our first playoff win is getting closer.