Andy Dalton Is Progressing

Andy Dalton

Through the first three games of the Cincinnati Bengals 2018 season, there is one huge factor that you can see immediately. Andy Dalton has progressed finally after 7 seasons.

When Andy Dalton came onto the scene in 2011 he had to start as a rookie with no one to follow and learn from. He was a 2nd round Qb from TCU and wasn’t really a Qb that looked like can start right away and gain success right away in the league. He accomplished something rookie Qbs barely do which is lead their team to the playoffs in the first five seasons. The thing is though he never had a chance to learn the whole game and he never really progressed as a player in areas he struggled in.

The biggest area he struggled in was pocket awareness. Yes we all know he found his success with A J Green and he will continue to do that. With a receiver like that a young Qb will never learn pocket awareness and checking off a couple of receivers to find the open man. This year he is doing this.

The last two years Dalton has been relying on his quick release to get as much protection as he can get with a horrible offensive line. This makes matters worse for progression and being aware of the pocket presence. This year with a better offensive line that has been giving Dalton more time, it gives him the chance to take more time to check off his primary and go to a second or even third outlet. This year in every game he has been able to hit seven to eight different receivers on average. He is able to hit every TE on a two TE set. He doesn’t even hit Green his primary target when he isn’t open causing a forced throw. He feels the pocket if it collapses.

Dalton still struggles with over throwing his receivers but that will in time rectify due to learning pocket awareness. He will learn not to hurry his throws with time in the pocket.


These are situations rookie Qbs learn from the Qbs over them but Dalton never had the chance to learn. The Bengals still have a window for success. With Dalton finally developing he can lead them into a post season victory. This was what Dalton sympathizers have been waiting for. Think about how dangerous Dalton can be when he develops a pocket presence.

Dalton needs to develop more during the Atlanta Falcon game this Sunday. With the time he should get with an injury filled defense the Falcons have, he should have time to check off and hit a secondary and third target. He will be unstoppable when he masters pocket presence.


Andy Dalton Is The Bengals Quarterback : Don’t Even Think About A QB Picked In First Round

Riley Ferguson and Luke Falk

There are a lot of Andy Dalton haters in the media and a lot Bengal fans also. Make no mistake Dalton is the guy till his contract is up. There have been some claims lately that the Bengals will pick Josh Allen. He is going to be a great Quarterback, so why should the Bengals pick him as a backup.

The Bengals should still address the Offensive Line and Linebacker in the draft. Mixed in with all that will be finding the next backup and suitor for when Dalton is done. There are some great prospects in the middle rounds.

  • Riley Ferguson – Excellent in a fast paced offense. majority of his passes are more than ten yards and he passes a lot. He is very accurate for a QB that throws 30 to 40 a game. Riley Ferguson draft profile
  • Luke Falk – He has quick feet and a great quick release. He is also very tall to see the whole field with not much distraction. Luke Falk draft profile

The styles of both QBs can fit in the Bengals offense. The height of Falk will give him more of an advantage. Ferguson is the type of QB that can run a west coast offense if the Bengals ever bring it back. These two QBs also can give Dalton a run for his money as they gain experience. Dalton is the guy now but these two will be ready if the Bengals need a change.

Where Will AJ McCarron Be Next Season?

AJ McCarron is set to have has hearing this week on whether he becomes a restricted free agent (which he is now) or an unrestricted free agent. Either way it is looking clearer every day that the Browns will want him regardless. As of now, AJ’s status would allow the Bengals to sign a first or second round tender. The Browns have been thinking about having a Quarterback first in the draft which would be the cheaper move but with all that cap space why not sign McCarron to a multi-year deal.

The Browns will have some experience at the position instead of grooming a QB for the future. He wont even have the half the contract Jimmy Garoppalo had last year for the 49ers. The Browns wanted a trade with the Bengals before the trade dead line last year but was unable to complete the deal on time. If McCarron remains a restricted free agent then the Bengals can still get value for McCarron. If the ruling gives him unrestricted status then the Bengals wont get a thing.

The Browns have wanted AJ McCarron for a long time. Hue Jackson (head coach of the Browns) loved his services when he had to fill in for Andy Dalton when he was the Offensive Coordintor with the Bengals.

Ken Anderson: A Cincinnati Bengals Legend Still Not In Hall Of Fame

It Has been 32 seasons since Ken Anderson played his last snap and an atrocity is still occurring. Ken Anderson played in a time where defense was the name of the game and a power running game. Quarterbacks were gun-shy compared to the Quarterbacks today. Ken Anderson has  tremendous  list of reasons why he should have been in the Hall Of Fame decades ago.

Before we list his many records he held at the time he played, let’s make sure we know what era he played in. The era was known for ball control and keeping some of the meanest defenses on the field. Even the best defenses get tired. Some of the best defenses in history played in his era including the Steel Curtain in the 70s and early 80s.

Under Bill Walsh tutelage, Ken Anderson became the first Quarterback to run the West Coast offense to perfection. He had 7 winning seasons and three double digit win seasons. He led the Bengals to four-post seasons in 1973,1975,1981,and 1982 and made the Bengals franchise relevant for the first time by participating in Super Bowl 16.

Ken Anderson posted 91 wins in 172 games without having a Hall Of Fame receiver. He never played with a good defense. Speaking of defenses, He also had to play against the Steel Curtain twice a year and was one of the only Quarterbacks that had good success against them.

He is one of the best regular season Quarterbacks of all time specially for his era. In 1974, Ken Anderson posted one of the best seasons in NFL history for his era He had a 64.3 completion percentage and a 95.1 passer rating. If you measure those numbers in todays standards it would be 73 % and up in the 110’s for passer rating. In 1975, Anderson tossed 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, led the league in yards per attempt, and posted a sensational 93.9 passer rating, which would equal 105.3 by today’s standards.

In 1981 Ken earned MVP honors with 29 touchdowns, 10 picks, and posted a passer rating of 97.4. In 1982, Anderson shattered the NFL single-season record for completion percentage by completing 70.6 percent of his passes. That record stood for 27 years till Drew Brees beat it.

When you take Ken Anderson’ stats, his six best seasons are better than any other Quarterbacks best six seasons. In 1975, that season is still to this day the ninth best season a Quarterback has had in NFL history(1974 was ranked 12th best and 1982 was ranked 25th best). He is the only Quarterback to have three seasons in the top 25 of all time. He led the league in passer rating four times which only Sammy Baugh and Steve Young did more. When he retired, Anderson’s 81.5 passer rating trailed just four quarterbacks in the sixty year history of the NFL.

Experts, including Ken Anderson himself , tell him letting the Super bowl slip away is his downfall from getting into the Hall Of Fame. There has been plenty of Quarterbacks in the Hall Of Fame that never won a ring.

Comment down below if you think a petition should be run every year till he gets in. When you translate all his stats to today’s era he is one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history.

AJ McCarron’s Grievance

Everyone is keeping their eyes on AJ McCarron as his hearing is Feb. 15 , 2018. In McCarron’s rookie year he was put on the non-football injury list due to shoulder issues. He was placed on the roster in Dec. of 2014. He needed to be on the active roster for 6 games to have that year eligible for Free Agency. So AJ put together a grievance to remove himself from being a restricted free agent and become an unrestricted free agent.

If McCarron stays a restricted free agent then the Bengals can place a tender and the team that wants his services would have to pay the Bengals a draft pick for the tender the Bengals picked. Still the front running team that wants McCarron is the Browns that wanted a trade before the trade deadline but didn’t get the details in on time. the trade was for a 2nd and 3rd draft pick for 2018.

If McCarron becomes an unrestricted free agent then the Bengals don’t get anything out of it and the Browns can just pick him up.

There is also rumor that some members of the head office isn’t happy with Andy Dalton’s production. It is known the faulty offensive line has plenty to do with that but nonetheless he could be on the hot seat if no one takes McCarron if he stays restricted. The Bengals would have Dalton fight for his job. If McCarron wins the job, they can cut Dalton since he isn’t owed any guaranteed money and save with the small contract the Bengals would pay McCarron to start.

So to sum things up:

  • McCarron becomes an unrestricted free agent say goodbye and have nothing to show for it.
  • McCarron stays a restricted free agent and the Bengals can get a first or second round tender but if no one picks him up because of the wrong tender choice the Bengals would sign him for a small contract and have Dalton fight for his job.

Now the question is if he stays a restricted free agent, What tender should the Bengals put on McCarron? Please comment!!!


AJ McCarron Trade Value Looks Better ?

AJ McCarron, former two-time national champion with the Crimson Tide, has played in only four regular season games (plus one playoff). Most of his career he has been carrying a clipboard and warming that bench. Since the Bengals finally gave him his shot at the end of the 2015 season, they found out that he has some value but how high is his value.

Yesterday (Jan.30, 2018), Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs found himself in the mist of a huge trade. He will be going to the Redskins with a contract of 94 million over the next 4 years in exchange for a third round pick and Kendall Fuller.

Now take that trade and you have a 32-year-old Alex Smith traded for a third rounder and a player still in rookie contract. During the season Jimmy Garoppolo was traded for a second rounder. Garoppolo has also had success when Tom Brady was out. Does any of these trades justify that AJ McCarron can be traded now.

There have been rumors all over now that the Browns might want to break a deal because the Browns asked for a trade on Smith first. I think with the Browns having close to 18 picks this draft, a trade of a second and third can definitely be in order. Then the Bengals can get all their future players in the draft they need and still play the Free Agent market.


On a side note. I hear anti-Dalton fans saying Kirk Cousins is available now.  That will never happen because first off Andy Dalton still is getting paid his signing bonus 2.4 million and Kirk Cousins market value is almost as high as Matthew Stafford. Keep dreaming!!!! We stick to Dalton. Try and make a trade with the Browns. It also justifies getting a late round Quarterback like a Ferguson.

Of Course this all can’t happen because he is a restricted free agent so the Bengals will give a first round tender for him. If the Bengals don’t match a offer they can receive a first round pick from that team.

Andy Dalton And AJ McCarron

Let’s end the rumors right now. A lot of my fellow writers have been blogging about how Andy Dalton’s time is up. There have been rumors about the first pick of our draft will be Baker Mayfield. That is a step backwards. The major need this offseason is Offensive line wether it be by Free Agency or by draft. The latest post was the Buffalo Bills would benefit from Dalton. Lay that rumor to rest.

images (8)

Now bring AJ McCarron to the mix again. We all know from last season he isn’t worth a first round pick but i believe he is a second round trade. The Bills and the Jets would benefit from him immediately. Some say they saw him with a Browns hat on the other day and we all know Hue loved McCarron.

What will the Bengals do for backup if they trade McCarron? The draft is filled with not just offensive lineman but quarterbacks are all over the board.