Cincinnati Bengals Safety George Iloka Improving On Himself

George Iloka

George Iloka has been in the Bengals system for six solid years. He didn’t have a great statistical season in 2017. He is looking to improve.

The best way to get better on your skill set would be starting at the beginning of the year. OTAs help a player improve on their skills. It is more for the player and not the team. After you refine your skills then training camp begins and you show the team how you put things together.

Statistically the Bengals were one of the worst teams in interceptions. They gave up way to many deep balls also. Iloka knows he needs to improve. He played out of position to many times last year and that is his goal to get his picks up. He would go for the big hit instead of going for the pick. Watch a change in that. The will get some help this year from rookie Jessie Bates.

With Burfict out for the first four games I believe Iloka can also become the team captain. He is well-respected by the team. He is respected by defensive coordinator Teryl Austin also. With Austin’s defensive style I think we will see a better George Iloka as the defense will play to his strengths. There will be more blitzing from the safeties. There will be a lot of nickel packages.