Andy Dalton Is Progressing

Andy Dalton

Through the first three games of the Cincinnati Bengals 2018 season, there is one huge factor that you can see immediately. Andy Dalton has progressed finally after 7 seasons.

When Andy Dalton came onto the scene in 2011 he had to start as a rookie with no one to follow and learn from. He was a 2nd round Qb from TCU and wasn’t really a Qb that looked like can start right away and gain success right away in the league. He accomplished something rookie Qbs barely do which is lead their team to the playoffs in the first five seasons. The thing is though he never had a chance to learn the whole game and he never really progressed as a player in areas he struggled in.

The biggest area he struggled in was pocket awareness. Yes we all know he found his success with A J Green and he will continue to do that. With a receiver like that a young Qb will never learn pocket awareness and checking off a couple of receivers to find the open man. This year he is doing this.

The last two years Dalton has been relying on his quick release to get as much protection as he can get with a horrible offensive line. This makes matters worse for progression and being aware of the pocket presence. This year with a better offensive line that has been giving Dalton more time, it gives him the chance to take more time to check off his primary and go to a second or even third outlet. This year in every game he has been able to hit seven to eight different receivers on average. He is able to hit every TE on a two TE set. He doesn’t even hit Green his primary target when he isn’t open causing a forced throw. He feels the pocket if it collapses.

Dalton still struggles with over throwing his receivers but that will in time rectify due to learning pocket awareness. He will learn not to hurry his throws with time in the pocket.


These are situations rookie Qbs learn from the Qbs over them but Dalton never had the chance to learn. The Bengals still have a window for success. With Dalton finally developing he can lead them into a post season victory. This was what Dalton sympathizers have been waiting for. Think about how dangerous Dalton can be when he develops a pocket presence.

Dalton needs to develop more during the Atlanta Falcon game this Sunday. With the time he should get with an injury filled defense the Falcons have, he should have time to check off and hit a secondary and third target. He will be unstoppable when he masters pocket presence.


The Bengals Need To Overuse Giovanni Bernard

Giovanni Bernard

In week 4 the Bengals play the Atlanta Falcons. This season so far the Falcons allowed over 400 yards average on defense and has a ton of injures especially in the line backing core. Giovanni Bernard needs to be used and used often.

The Bengals this season is ranked 21st on the run and 12th in the passing game. A lot of the yardage is from Joe Mixon or Gio in the backfield. With Joe Mixon out for another week Gio will be picking up the slack again. The key to slowing down the Falcons offense is to never go away from the run at all. Gio should be 65% of the offense on Sunday.

A solid and effective run game will dominate time management. The defense will stay on the bench and will keep the high-powered Falcon offense on the bench also. Short passes will also help keep the time on our side. The Offensive line has been protecting Andy Dalton very well this season and still has one of the quickest releases in football. Gio will have huge miss matches in coverage with that hurt line backer core the Falcons have. The run game and short curl routes and screen passes will open up the deep ball which AJ Green and Tyler Boyd has miss matches.

When it all comes down to stopping a high-powered offense like the Falcons all you need to do is keep the offense on the bench. Long 7 to 8 minute drives and capping it off with red zone touchdowns. The Bengals defense will be so rested they can start with huge pressure on Matt Ryan.

Prediction for the game is 28-17 Bengals. As long as the Bengals overuse Gio they might even win by an even bigger margin.

Bengals Are Facing A Pivotal Year And Are Looking To Prove Skeptics Wrong


The Cincinnati Bengals are facing a pivotal year. They needed to improve the offense. They have done just that and now they need to prove the skeptics wrong.

The biggest problem the 2017-2018 Bengals faced, was closing out opponents!  They simply got nothing out of their offense in the second half, all year!  A lot of this, of course, can be attributed to their poor O-line play! Cedric Ogbuehi is no way, shape or form, as good as Andrew Whitworth (who left via FA to the Rams)!  The loss of Kevin Zeitler, also hurt us up front and those holes, just couldn’t be filled!

So the Bengals, step outside of themselves and make predraft trades.  Essentially, they are able to address their starting LT and C positions, with their first round pick!  I think the fact, they brought in Billy Price over what some analysts considered, better talent, was due to the fact; they need a new voice on their line!  What is certain, from watching him at OSU is: he is definitely that voice!

If we really want to see what our young guys such as: Tyler Boyd, Cody Core, John Ross, Josh Malone, and Joe Mixon are about, then addressing the line was essential!  Andy Dalton has caught a lot of criticism this last season, with his sub par play.  But one positive takeaway, from last year is, his turnovers were still way down!  Despite the fact, he spent most of his time, running for his life!  Bill Lazor having a full training camp/off-season, to implement his offense will also serve as a major plus! Ken Zampese just never seemed to dial-up the right plays, at the right time!  Lazor made improvements, when he stepped in week 3, but he was limited in what he could do, in that situation.

Bill Lazor
Bill Lazor gets his chance to get truly original.

The Bengals definitely will need better play out of Andy Dalton and AJ Green!  In fact, many have speculated that this is, in fact a do or die year, for Andy.  Last year, the offensive line, was the excuse.  This year, Andy is going to have to show, he can return to 2015 form, given the proper protection!

Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton will have no excuses. He is set to win.

The Cincinnati Bengals Have A Chance To Sign Riley Ferguson

Riley Ferguson

The Cincinnati Bengals may have selected and signed the wrong rookie quarterback. Should they go after former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson? He was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Riley Fergusonwas an undrafted free agent that signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs. They decided to go with small school talent at the quarterback position so they cut Ferguson. Logan Woodside was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh round. The sceptics were out on this pick simply because a lot of mock drafts including this site placed Riley Ferguson with the Bengals.

Former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson is a perfect fit for the Cincinnati Bengals. He comes from the same type of offense former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton came from. He has a quick release on the ball (under 2 seconds). He had an explosion of weapons to his disposal. In his two-year career Riley Ferguson posted an accurate 63 % completion rate. He averaged almost 4000 yards in his two seasons. He also had a touchdown to interception ratio of 70 to 19 in two years.

After looking at Logan Woodside, he has a huge learning curve. Regardless who they keep this will be a backup learning position. Woodside just never faced high quality defenses in college. The abilities Riley Ferguson possesses can make him the 2nd string quarterback immediately. With the Bengals talent at wide receiver and running back he should have no problem to step in. Riley has had a lot more success in a high-powered offense and played good defenses before. Plus you can actually say Riley can be a quarterback of the future.

What will this cost the Bengals? If Logan Woodside gets cut after June 1 it will cost the Bengals nothing. Riley Ferguson would be signed for even less than Logan. If Logan was cut before June 1 it will just cost his 60,000 signing bonus.

As you can tell in the video Ferguson can throw all the routes with precision. He is extremely mobile. He can throw on the run and across his body. He can run naked bootleg with ease due to being as mobile as he is.

Billy Price Knows What The Cincinnati Bengals Expect From Him

Billy Price

The Cincinnati Bengals first round center Billy Price is proving he wants to take a leadership role with all the rookies. He was picked first. He needs to play the part.

How do you play the part of a first round center? The answer is Billy Price. He is a true professional. He knows what is expected of him. He knows he is the face of a newly constructed offensive line. The center runs the show. The center commands the offensive line where to block and controls shifts and movement of the line of every single play. The center has to build trust and leadership. Billy Price has shown the work ethic and the leadership in Bengals mini-camp this past weekend.

In order to become a leader you have to know what is expected of you. Billy Price understands the game speed will be extremely quicker. There has to be split decisions that can make or break a play. He needs to be durable. His work ethic is already strong. He is the first one out to camp and the last one to leave. He is always doing extra drills. They will always find him in the classroom. He needs to not just recognize the speed of defenses but read the different schemes and blitz packages. There is a lot of movement in this offense during running plays. Shifting quickly on gap plays and reaching the second line of defense real quick id something he needs to work on because the game is so much quicker.

Billy Price gives respect to every player in rookie camp. He is the first round pick but he knows he can’t cruise through camp thinking he has a job. He works hard and makes everyone around him work hard.

Billy Price can’t wait to train with the whole offensive line. He can start learning the game speed along with the veterans. Everything that Price has shown so far looks like he will be a great commander in time of that offensive line.

He does a good job off the field too. the media doesn’t shake him. He products himself as a professional of many years when it is only his first year.

The Cincinnati Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack is also a great motivator. That is going to help each and every one of these players trying for a spot on this offensive line. In his first rookie mini-camp experts notice a harder work ethic and morale in the offensive line than ever before.

We will bring you more on Billy Price’s continued learning. It should be interesting how quickly he can learn everything in one training camp. He needs to be ready now and this organization is counting on Price more than ever.

Cincinnati Bengals: Offensive Line Improves And What To Do With The Wide Receiver Core

Cincinnati Bengals

This off-season the Bengals were to address the offensive line. They did that in free agency and in the draft. The Bengals made a trade with the Bills for Cordy Glenn in exchange for draft pick swaps. They also selected Billy Price (Center) in the first round. Some say that was a reach but as we learned the Vikings reached out saying they were going to select Price. Then Daniels was selected early second round. The Bengals original pick was going to be Frank Ragnow but the Lions picked him up the pick before. So as you can see it turned out vital to pick Price in the first round due to not having a NFL ready center.

As we learned earlier Frank Pollack (new offensive line coach) thinks the Bengals have enough talent to work with. Every position will compete for the job. There hasn’t been competition for every position in quite a while. With Pollack’s knowledge, he will get this once great offensive line back on track like he did with the Cowboys.

The other problem with the offense is the Bengals stacked up the wide receiver core. Of course, the Bengals had a problem with the offensive line but a lot of receivers didn’t perform well. Right now the Bengals have nine wide receivers welcomed to camp. Obviously not all nine will make it.

Wide Receiver Depth
They will break this down to six maybe seven.

The Bengals have their number one receiver AJ Green. John Ross should make a splash for the number 2 spot. Tyler Boyd is tailor-made for the 3rd spot. Cody Core and Brandon Lafell could get cut or could be good trade bait. With that move it would free up almost 4.5 million for any extensions they need to do. They should be keeping Josh Malone. Expect the rookie receiver (Auden Tate) to win a spot. The Bengals might see the end of Alex Erickson special teams use because the Bengals picked up two unbelievable talents in special teams return game. Erickson wont be cut though. Kermit Whitfield will also be cut. That will give them six wide receivers and that will give them three Qbs they can keep.

The stacked wide receiver core keep in mind is just an opinion. We will see what the outcome will be in the near future. Please leave comments for what you think will happen to the receiver core.


Frank Pollack Wants The Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Line To Be Job Competitive

Frank Pollack

The Bengals didn’t add much to their offensive line as originally planned by some experts. They picked up Billy Price (Center from Ohio State) and Rod Taylor (Guard from Ole Miss). They picked up Cordy Glenn (Tackle from Buffalo) as a trade also in the off-season. Marvin Lewis has full confidence that Frank Pollack can get the rest of the offensive line ready with his expertise.

So far the depth chart reads as follows :

Cincinnati Bengals Depth Chart
This depth chart by no means what so ever is the final product.

This is just a rough estimate of what the depth chart would look like now. What Frank Pollack would like to propose is have competition  for each and every offensive line job. It makes sense. There were great contributors in the last two games of the season last year. Christian Westerman and Alex Redmond found the playing time they needed to fight for a starting roll this season.

Cordy Glenn was picked up by a trade so it makes sense having him as their LT. Clint Boling played some at the tackle position but his natural spot is LG. Obviously Billy Price was selected in the first round due to not even having a pure Center. Trey Hopkins will have some good competition at RG. The Bengals also never gave up on Jake Fisher which should be the starting RT.

It looks like Frank Pollack has a lock on almost every position on paper but he wants every job to compete. Pollack has done this with the Dallas Cowboys and his eye for pure talent is amazing. Keep an eye out for Redmond and Westerman again to fight for a job. Some like Redmond better than Trey Hopkins.

Make sure to go out and watch the excitement in training camp. Frank already has them starting their fight for positions in OTAs. Please comment on who you think will make their mark on this team.