The Cincinnati Bengals Star Cornerback William Jackson III Will Be Covering Pro- Bowl Talent This Season

William Jackson III

The Cincinnati Bengals had star cornerback William Jackson III become one of the best situational cornerbacks in the game. This year the fans want to see him become a starter. This is what he has to cover if he does start.

There is no doubt the Cincinnati Bengals selecting cornerback William Jackson III in the first round of the 2016 draft was the right decision. He missed his first season due to injury but came with vengeance in his second year. He posted some of the best numbers by a cornerback since PFF (Pro Football Focus) started grading players back in 2007. He was a backup though. That is why he didn’t get the full accolades he so richly deserves.


William Jackson III
William Jackson III proof he was a shutdown corner in 2017.

Now that the fans want William Jackson to be a full-time starter, this is who he will be facing this season. He will be facing six-time Pro-Bowler Antonio Brown twice. He is arguably the best wide receiver in the game today yet Jackson only allowed two catches for seven yards last year.

Top Wide Receivers William Jackson III has to face
Top Wide Receivers William Jackson III has to face.

He will also be facing some Pro-Bowlers outside of the division. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones had 88 catches and 1444 yards with only three touchdowns. Believe it or not that is a mediocre season for a high talented player like Jones. Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans had 71 catches for 1004 yards and five touchdowns last season. This young receiver is getting acknowledgement of being a top five wide receiver like Julio Jones. LA Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen had 102 catches for 1393 yards and scored six touchdowns. He is maybe the most under rated receiver with only five years in the league. New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is the youngest player on the list. With Dree Brees passing to Thomas it is no wonder he averaged 100 catches in his first two years.

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is by far the best athlete on this list of receivers. It does not matter which quarterback is for the Texans. He makes them look great. This will probably be the hardest matchup William Jackson III will have to face.

William Jackson III is fully capable of covering all these gifted receivers on a full-time basis. This will make for a very compelling argument for the rest of the off-season. Let’s hope the Bengals give him the chance to bring it to life.


The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Leader : Vontaze Burfict

Vontaze Burfict

The Cincinnati Bengals will be starting the 2018 season without their defensive captain Vontaze Burfict. He is suspended for four games due to his PED violation.

Bengals olb Vontaze Burfict has started every season since 2014 either on the DL or serving a suspension. He has an old school spirit and plays with an old school mentality. It has gotten to the point where every time Burfict makes a hard hit on a player there could be a flag on a great hit. It has already been said that he could be praised as one of the greats if he was playing in the 70’s.

Usually his suspensions are for disorderly conduct on the field. This time it is for violating PED regulations. Burfict tried to appeal to no great outcome. He had unknown substance in the medication he was taking for his injury suffered by Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster. His appeal was denied.

Another season without the Bengals defensive leader is becoming common knowledge. Soon some skeptics think it is starting to be not worth the time having him not fulfill his season commitment while taking suspensions every season.

In 2013 Vontaze Burfict made headlines. He made the Pro Bowl in his second year. He worked real hard for he wasn’t even drafted. It is not hard to believe that one of the best linebackers in the game wasn’t even drafted. His talent is unreal but his attitude dropped him out of the draft. After his first Pro Bowl he is back to his crazy attics.

Here is the question though. How did he become the leader? He bleeds for this organization. He puts every ounce of energy into everything he does. He never holds back. As his teammates start to realize how gifted he was, they started to follow what he preaches. This defense has been in the top ten in many defensive categories since Burfict’s arrival. Even without him for four games they will give it all they have.

Now will anyone step up in his absence? Backup olb Jordan Evans had a rocky start last season but ended with a lot of experience under his belt. Look for Evans and rookie Malik Jefferson to share the role. When Burfict comes back they will be ready to roll. Hopefully they can get at least three victories during his suspension. That would serve a credit to Teryl Austin for getting two young talents ready for action.

Vontaze Burfict’s actions speak louder than words. That is for the good and the bad. For all the plays he has made it would be foolish to even think about dropping him. He is this defense. This whole defense respects him.


WHO DEY!!!!!

How The New Targeting Rule Will Hurt The NFL

With concussions going up to a record high last year, the league passed a new rule that will help lower that statistic. The question is will this ultimately destroy the NFL.

The new rule states that any player that lowers their head during a play that can come into contact with another player will be targeting. Even an offensive player can be called for this act. This means for instance a quarterback sneak will soon be out of play books because the QB ducks his head into the line by nature.

There will be way less concussions because of this rule but will take time to learn it. The players are being forced to play a game that they were not taught. There will be an insane amount of penalties and possible ejections.

Now the owners still have to take a vote on seriousness of the punishment. In college any form of targeting is an automatic ejection. They want helmet to helmet hits objectionable at all cost. The flags under new rule will just be a flag.

Think about this. The last game the Bengals and Steelers played in would have had a record amount of flags in one half. This was the game where Ryan Shazier got paralyzed from a now target play under new rule. Also the hit that Vontaze Burfict receiveed from JuJu would also be under the new targeting rule. Plus just in one half 24 plays would have been called under the new rule.

Will this destroy once and for all the fans perspective of a game that was once known as a brutal game? Is the integrity of the game at stake? Will protecting the players at all costs from future permanent damage kill the game?

Happy Birthday Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins

March 28 Geno Atkins turned 30. Geno has had a great career so far and he has many more seasons to give. He is still waiting on an extension to his contract as he goes to Free agency in 2019. Is he worth it? Let’s look this over.

Geno Atkins became the Bengals 4th round draft pick in 2010. After eight seasons he has made it to the Pro-Bowl six times. He was named First Team All-Pro twice. He has 290 tackles and 61 sacks so far. Also Atkins has recorded six pass deflections, eight forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and one defensive touchdown.

Keep in mind Geno didn’t start right away. He was 4th on the depth chart his rookie year. So real you can say he has had 61 sacks in seven years as a starter. He even missed a part of the 2013 season due to injury. He is just 12.5 sacks shy of the franchise record held by Eddie Edwards (stood for 30 years).

Geno Atkins
Memorable Geno Atkins Moments

This is another Bengal great in the making. Will the Bengals give him enough relevancy to get him to Canton. I’m sure no one cares about that now. He is still waiting to stay with the Bengals which looks good right now with all the money the Bengals rolled over for next year.

The Bengals And Bills Are Besties?

It doesn’t take a genius that the Bengals and Bills have been doing the tango since the last game of the season. Trades were made available. A lot of visits by free agents have been going back and forth. It is getting too funny when you watch what is going on.

It all started when the Bengals did their job by beating the Ravens in week 17 in awesome comeback fashion.

The Bills fans were watching as their game was over and they needed a Bengal victory to go to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Here is the reaction.

As the week following went by huge support by Buffalo Bills fans came through and donated to Andy Dalton’s charity.

Over two months have passed and it looks like the two teams are still best friends. The Bengals were able to get Cordy Glenn via trade and swap first round draft picks with the Bills. Then Preston Brown was available to sign. The Bills signed AJ McCarron. Then the Bills were able to take away one of the worst Centers in the league (Russell Bodine). Now they are talking with Kevin Minter formally Bengals LB.

Is this a match made in heaven? This is all a part of business. It does look like the Bengals are getting the better part of the deal. The Bengals filled needs with very good players. The Bills are addressing needs with sub par players.



Should The Bengals Cut Vontaze Burfict

Last Friday, the Bengals signed Preston Brown thinking he would work side by side with Vontaze Burfict but the same day learned that Burfict was facing yet another four game suspension. This time it is different. It is for violating the PED policy. He usually gets suspended for stupid hits on the field. He is appealing this but no date has been set yet.

Should the Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict due to violating the NFL’s PED policy? The answer is no and this is why.

  • This is his first offense violating an off the field policy of any kind.
  • The reason for the appeal mainly is that they want to call this a non reported substance. He was taking medication for not only the hit he took from Juju but also a shoulder injury he suffered during the Lions game. Then he so conveniently took his test a week after.
  • When he isn’t getting suspended for on the field issues you can’t match the ability to Burfict at Linebacker. He could be one of the best in the game right now.

Here is what First Take had to say

Recapping The Cordy Glenn Trade And The Signing Of Preston Brown

The Bengals had a great head start to the off-season. They immediately addressed to positions of need without having to go through the draft. They need offensive tackle and Center. They were able to trade for Cordy Glenn. They also needed to get a starting Linebacker to help out a very weak Lb core. They picked up Preston Brown.

The Bengals aren’t known for making trades at any time but they sure made it look like they know what they are doing. To recap the Bengals picked up Cordy Glenn from the Bills and in return we swapped out first round picks. Cordy Glenn is at 100% and is one of the better Tackles out there. The thing that made this trade real sweet was the swap of draft picks. It is much harder to have the right pick at 12 since you wont have a top ten and there is a possibility of reaching for a pick. When they made the swap the Bengals now have 21st pick. Now you have tons of avenues and you won’t be reaching for picks. Plus they can go more than just Offensive line now. They can land a great Defensive lineman or a Corner back. They have more to choose from at 21.

The Bengals made a real good sign with Preston Brown. Brown led the league in tackles last year and he knows how to cover unlike what the Bengals had before. He has a one year deal but with him and Burfict together they might be incline to extend that deal next year to a long-term. He is just off his rookie contract and he already gives the Bengals upside to the position.

Main thing is, with both these transactions, the Bengals helped their draft position and put two outstanding young players into their lineup. The Bengals usually draft players and build them up through the system. Now they added two key players that already have shown what they are capable of. The best part is, neither one has really hit their prime yet. They both still growing and hope it will be with the Bengals for a real long time.