Buffalo Bills Cut Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito

The Buffalo Bills just cut Richie Incognito. Is it worth the Cincinnati Bengals time to look into him?

This has been an emotional week for former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito. He is 34 years old and nearing retirement. He was placed on the reserve/retirement list and just recently got removed from the list by cutting him on Monday. Now he can try to pick up work as a free agent. When he was released everyone was going wild especially for Bengal fans. Now there is a slight problem that just happened today.

Two days after being cut by the former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito had been arrested for commotion at a Florida gym. He through some dumbbells down on a fit of rage. As of now he is undergoing a physiological evaluation.

In just a few days time teams that needed an experienced guard wanted him and now he may have killed his chances of continuing his career.

Richie Incognito was a four-time Pro-bowler. He was named to the Pro-bowl in the last three years with the Buffalo Bills and once with the Miami Dolphins. He has gotten better and better with age.

Should the Bengals think about picking him up. If he is cleared psychologically he can finish his career as a Bengal. The Bengals need skilled guard play along with the young talents they already have at guard. Keep in mind Incognito played as a All-pro for an offense that ranked high on the top ten offenses in rushing the past four years.

Here is the hardship to this. What would you rather want? Would you pay a soon to be retired All-pro for maybe a 2 year deal. Would you pay for a younger player that never lived up to his potential that would require more money. Would you rather save money and go with your young talents at guard with the help of Frank Pollack to guide them?

Yesterday this site mentioned Luke Joeckel which would be the example of a younger player not living up to his potential. With the right coach he can be a star. Now I think Richie Incognito could be a better plan. Sign him for a couple million a year for two years and have the younger talents feed off his knowledge.

This will be an ongoing process. When Incognito gets cleared I’m sure teams will be knocking down his door.


Luke Joeckel Can Be the Cincinnati Bengals Last Move In Free Agency

Luke Joeckel

Former Seattle Seahawk guard Luke Joeckel has not been signed with a team yet. Should the Bengals sign him and why hasn’t he been signed yet?

The Jacksonville Jaguars former number 2 pick overall in 2013 draft was guard Luke Joeckel. He signed a rookie contract of $21 million for four years. The Jaguars declined his fifth year option of almost $12 million. The Seattle Seahawks picked him up for $8 million. This year he has a market value of about $11 million to $12 million a year.

Luke Joeckel could be the final piece to the Bengals struggles on the offensive line. He is known for an excellent run blocker hence why the Seahawks picked him up last year. The Bengals want to get back to an old school feel and use the running game a lot. Why not bring in a top five guard when it comes to the run.

Most teams of the NFL are going to a new thought process. Score a lot and be as quick as possible. What ever happened to punishing your opposing defense with a power running game and short passes. Well Bill Lazor wants to bring that back to Cincinnati. The Bengals have a lot of young talent at guard but the do have enough cap to bring in a top-notch guard.

Look for any team to pay him about $12 million a year. I could see the Bengals signing him for a multi-year deal. No other team thinks paying $12 million for a run guard doesn’t justify the NFL being a passing league. The Bengals want to focus on time of possession and field possession which they failed in last season. Get the final piece to the line and Joe Mixon will be set.

The Cincinnati Bengals Claim Ka’Raun White From Waivers

Ka'Raun White

The Cincinnati Bengals claimed ex West Virgina wide receiver Ka’raun White off waivers this past Tuesday. They will get a great look at him in mini-camp this weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks gave Ka’Raun White an undrafted free agent contract. It was a three-year 1.4 million dollar contract. He was able to go to their rookie mini-camp over the last weekend. After that weekend he was cut. The Cincinnati Bengals picked him up off waivers on Tuesday for the same contract. He will be participating in the Bengals rookie mini-camp this weekend.

Ka’Raun White is already from a family of stars that went to West Virgina. His brother, ex safety from West Virgina Kyzir White, got drafted from the LA Chargers in the fourth round of this year’s draft. His older brother Kevin White was a huge star wide receiver for the Mountaineers. He was a first rounder drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2015.

Ka’Raun White had a very impressive senior year. He raked in 61 catches for 1004 yards and 12 touchdowns. He would have had an even better campaign if West Virgina quarterback Will Grier had a healthy season. He is still very impressive.

He is 6’1 and weighs 205 pounds. He has very good speed and he has great upper body strength for a player his size. He gets sudden bursts of speed when he comes out of his routes. His speed and his precision on his routes give him a huge advantage. They used to call him “MR.HANDS”. It is very noticeable in this video.

Ka’Raun White looks like he wants to prove to the NFL that he should have been drafted. He will get that chance. The Bengals for the past several years huge competition at the wide receiver position. The one advantage to look for is his ability to get separation quickly on man to man coverage. He could have a very good chance to get a job.

Zach Green Signs A Undrafted Free Agent Contract

Zach Green

Zach Green signs with the Cincinnati Bengals about a week ago. He is a former running back from Arizona. The Bengals have a stock pile of Rbs at the moment. The one thing that is great about Zach Green is he is a grinder. He is an old school work horse that can give any team 3 to 4 yards a carry each time out.

He wasn’t drafted basically because of his speed. He never goes sideline to sideline. He dominates between the tackles. Most NFL teams are looking for flash and he doesn’t have it. The thing he does have is a brutality to run over the first player he hits.

In Zach Green’s entire career, he carried the ball 157 times for 746 yards. That is a 4.8 average a carry. He scored 14 touchdowns with 11 coming from last season.

Here is his video. Watch as he dominates between the tackles.

Johnathan Hankins Would Be A Great Addition To the Cincinnati Bengals

Johnathan Hankins

Johnathan Hankins is the best defensive tackle on the market right now. In March he visited the Redskins and the Lions. He left without a contract. He signed a 27 million dollar contract last off-season and was due to be paid 4.5 million of his 8 million (guaranteed). The Colts were ready to transition to a 4-3 defense and already had four players on the defensive line that were still on rookie contracts. It was a cost-effective move. He was not cut for his massive ability.

Johnathan Hankins was known as a run stuffer from Ohio State. He was picked by the New York Giants in the second round of 2013 NFL draft. He recorded seven sacks that year. He never was known as a pass rusher so it was a great addition. He got injured in 2015 and came back to have another good season. He became a free agent last off-season. That’s where the Colts picked him up. He was picked up primarily as a run stuffer. He did that to a pleasurable degree.

Watch this video. He can’t be stopped off the line. He never gets pushed back.

This is what our money should go to. Dunlap has been showing signs of age. His production has been off compared to his counterpart Geno Atkins. They picked a rookie in Sam Hubbard to help out on the defensive line if Dunlap is gone. Hankins is one year past his rookie contract and the Bengals still have 9.6 million dollars of cap space. Next year the Bengals have an estimated 63 million in cap space. That is more than enough room to sign Hankins and to extend Atkins and Dennard’s contracts.

Eric Reid Is Now Filing A Collusion Grievance Against The NFL

Eric Reid

Three weeks ago Eric Reid had a visit with the Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown. The Bengals to this date is the only team to meet with him. Eric Reid safety, formerly of the 49ers was the first player to side with Colin Kaepernick during the protests with the kneeling of the anthem.

Before the visit Reid was asked if he would participate in anymore protests and he said no. He goes to the visit and was asked the same question by Mike Brown. Reid didn’t answer for he was shocked by the question. That turned Mike Brown off as he will prohibit any protest on his team.

Three weeks later with no other job offer, Eric Reid decides to file against the NFL. Was Mike Brown in the right or was he wrong? Eric Reid thinks because of the visit and being asked the question about protests caused him to not get a job anywhere else.

The bad thing is, collusion cases are not to easy to prove. Eric needs to prove that every owner is keeping him from a job and for the same reason. Mike Brown was the only owner that gave a visit. That right there only proves the owners don’t want a Db with mediocre skills. He needs more visits to even come up with a case.

This might cause a chain reaction. More players that protested that don’t have jobs will file. All it is doing is giving the sport bad publicity.

At the end of the day, this business is all about winning. There is a thought out there. Maybe Mike Brown is agreeing with all the other owners. Eric Reid is just not sellable to the market at this time. He really isn’t a guy to get when you are looking for talent at Lb to start. Reid might have this all wrong. No other franchise came to him to ask the question of protests. Those owners just know he isn’t a fit for any team at the moment.

This isn’t the first time a player had to retire because he had no work. It was because they weren’t fitting for the NFL. Try your hand in the canadian league.

Is Dez Bryant Really A Good Fit For The Cincinnati Bengals?

Dez Bryant

Many teams are looking to snag Dez Bryant for a year at a cheaper price. These teams think they can get double teams off of their main receiver. Is there actually proof he can do that though? The Dallas Cowboys knew there wasn’t anything left in the tank.

The fact is the Cincinnati Bengals have one more goal in mind. That is to extend the three contracts that need to be dealt with on the defensive side of the ball. The Bengals do have almost 10 million in cap space left and can throw him a one year contract. Bryant hasn’t given the Bengals or any other team for that matter a reason to sign him.

He is getting older. He is starting to get impactful injures. Without using these excuses you can say he has always been a rough bodied receiver that can go after balls. He has no route tree knowledge. That is why at his older age he can’t shake off one on one coverage. He also has terrible hands.

Watch this video on how well his concentration is now.

His concentration is off. He quits on his routes. Dez is not a great presence in the locker room.

Do not look for Dez Bryant to join the Bengals. They already have nine wide receivers invited to camp. With a better offensive line Dalton will find his second receiver in this bunch. It could be Auden Tate.