The Cincinnati Bengals Are Looking Into The Supplemental Draft

Adonis Alexander

The supplemental draft has been held since 1977 and the Bengals have only picked up one player out of the 43 that have been in this draft. This year there are two intriguing names in the draft.

What is the supplemental draft?

This is a draft where players have had their eligibility eliminated after the regular draft. The Supplemental draft is designed to give underclassmen — who did not petition the NFL for early entry before the draft deadline but find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season — a way to enter the league.

There have only been 43 players that have been drafted in this way since 1977. Only one became a Hall Of Famer. Cris Carter was picked in 1987 and was inducted in 2013. The Bengals have selected only one player in the supplemental draft. That player was Ahmad Brooks linebacker from Virginia in 2006.

This is how the supplemental draft works:

Teams are split into three groups.

  • Teams that won less than six games
  • Teams that won more than six games but didn’t make the playoffs
  • All twelve teams that made the playoffs

Every team can bid on a player of interest and what round they want that player in. Whoever has the higher bid wins the player. No team has to bid. The teams that won a player has to give up the same pick in that round for the next draft season. So if a team picks a player in the 2nd round they have to give up their 2nd round pick in the next regular draft.

Do the Bengals have any interest in the three supplemental players this year?

Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander is a huge player on the Bengals radar. He had 7 picks and 17 pass deflections. Another defensive back on their radar is Mississippi State safety Brandon Bryant. Bryant is a speedster. He was clocked at 4.24 and he can cover the whole field. He can hit like a freight train also.

Watch this footage on Brandon Bryant as he puts it into fifth gear on this pick six play.

In the 2019 NFL Draft the Bengals have five six round picks. If the Bengals want to make a move for either one of these star defensive backs they will bid in the sixth. The Bengals are looking extensively at Adonis Alexander but I have been looking at Brandon Bryant for a while now.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.



Billy Price Signed His Rookie Contract With The Cincinnati Bengals

Billy Price signing

Former Ohio State Buckeye Center Billy Price just signed his rookie contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. He signed a four-year deal with ,of course, the 5th year option.

Billy Price just signed today (Monday May 21,2018). The only details that were released to the public were that it is a four-year deal and he will be getting a 5th year option. Speculation is that he may have a heftier bonus then most rookie first rounders. He never missed a game in college so he is reliable and that should way in on his guarantee.

Billy Price will be taking over at center position where Russell Bodine used to play at for the Bengals. Without Price playing a single game he has already upgraded the offensive line dramatically. He is a proven leader and he has taken that leadership to the next level. The center is the mastermind of the whole offensive line so leadership and respect is going to be important.

He is a different kind of center than most as a rookie. He has mastered more than the center position. He has played every position on the offensive line as a Buckeye. Down the road when offensive line coach Frank Pollack learns more about what he has to work with he will know who else can work at various positions. Billy Price is just one of a kind.

There have been talks about seeing who else can play center also in case the guard position gets more depleted than it already is. Billy Price can move over and someone else can step up at center. They want to test out Cedric Ogbuehi at center and T.J. Johnson. There can be plenty of scenarios for the line. It is even possible that Price wont even start as a center and move him to guard and have T.J. Johnson be the starting center. That is all up to Frank Pollack and Bill Lazor.


The Cincinnati Bengals Steal In The Seventh Round Signed His Rookie Contract

Auden Tate

The Cincinnati Bengals seventh round draft pick wide receiver Auden Tate signed his four-year rookie contract last week. He is in Cincinnati for a purpose.

The Bengals believe they have a real beneficial steal in round seven. Former wide receiver from Florida State Auden Tate was a big part of the Seminoles red zone offense. The Bengals are always in need of a receiver like that.

The importance of Auden Tate making the 53-man roster will make vast competition between all the young wide receivers the Bengals have received in the last couple drafts. Why have so much competition? The Bengals have not found the second receiver to help AJ Green get the man to man coverage he wants. The Bengals have been missing a number 2 receiver since Marvin Jones in 2015. The hunt for the next famous duo is close. Last year’s first round draft pick John Ross will be healthy. Auden will be showcasing his talent also.

There is good belief that now number 2 receiver Brandon LaFell wont be here after this season. He has made a couple of good seasons. He hasn’t done anything like they had at one time in that position. His contract will be up after this season.

Here is what Auden Tate’s contract entails :

Auden Tate
Auden Tate’s rookie contract

He is set to get $2.46 million for the next four years. His prorated bonus is $51,804. This is what a normal rookie contract would look like. Rookie contracts don’t hold much dead money in case they need to be cut.

There will be a great use for Auden Tate. He is a great red zone threat in case TE Tyler Eifert isn’t up to par. He has great hands and he has the height like AJ Green does. Let’s see what he can do.

The Cincinnati Bengals Drafted Malik Jefferson In A Surprise Pick In The Third Round

Malik Jefferson

Malik Jefferson was the Cincinnati Bengals third round pick. He was on the board due to a trade and jumped up 22 spots to 78. It was a bold move. The Bengals passed on every top Lb till they found Jefferson later in the 3rd round. There have been good things said about him and his received negative criticism by the fans.

Malik Jefferson no doubt is the best Lb coming out of the Big 12 conference. In fact the next best Lb in that conference is Chad Whitener of the OSU Cowboys. He didn’t even get drafted. Malik started his college career at Texas as a Freshman All-American in 2015. At that time he was ranked as one of the best Lbs in the country. Last year he became the Big 12 Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

Malik is very raw and edgy. He has the tools to become a very good Lb in the next few years depending on playing time. He might be playing OLB when Vontaze Burfict is on suspension for the first four games. He does have a learning curve much like most Lbs coming from the Big 12. He is a great run stuffer and has great lateral movement. He doesn’t have the coverage ability. The reason not many Lbs come from that conference is because that conference has been blessed with great TEs and RBs that can defeat most of the Lbs in this conference.

The one reason why this pick can come down as a great pick is because he was the only Lb in the conference to have great success. Plus the day of the great coverage linebackers might never be seen again. A lot of team’s defenses are relying on nickel and dime packages since a lot of the Defensive backs in today’s game are more of a hybrid player. Teams want to get a defensive back on these running backs and TEs instead of the modern-day linebacker.

The Bengals should be just fine seeing what Jefferson can do in the first four games. He is not a very good coverage guy but Austin loves to bring in nickel and dime packages. This will keep him focused on what he does best. He will find a home here and in a few years he might no doubt have a starting job with no competition for it.

Here is some tape on Malik Jefferson. Tell me what you think in comments. He has sacked Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield a couple of times.

The Cincinnati Bengals Found Maybe The Biggest Steal In The Last Round : Auden Tate

Auden Tate

The Cincinnati Bengals last pick in their draft is maybe the scariest. The Bengals have always dreamed of having a talented number two receiver. Auden Tate could be the guy. He is 6’5 and weighs 230 pounds. He has sure hands and great leaping ability. He is taller than AJ Green but lacks the speed that Green has. He is known as the Redzone Nightmare.

While Auden Tate was with the Florida State Seminoles, he put together one of the longest redzone streaks in college history. Florida State put together 34 Redzone touchdowns in a row. Tate was a major part of that. All ten of Tate’s touchdowns in his Junior year were in the redzone.

Auden Tate had 16 touchdowns in the two years he was eligible to play in. He racked up 65 receptions for 957 yards. He average 14.7 yards a catch and had 11 of 16 touchdowns in the redzone. He even beats out Fitzpatrick and Averett in a couple of plays in this video.

This receiver has instincts u can’t teach. He has sure hands. It should be a fact that he will beat out a few receivers for a job. With time he can be the second receiver the Bengals have been missing since Marvin Jones left.

Watch the video. Tell me if this guy can draw double teams away from AJ Green. This pick is an absolute steal. This year is going to be so entertaining.

The Cincinnati Bengals Got A Huge Steal In The 5th Round : Darius Phillips

Darius Phillips

Darius Phillips from Western Michigan is another product coming from a non BCS conference makes his presence felt in the 5th round. His attributes he brings to the table makes him at least a 3rd rounder. This is a steal due to no one really watched him. He wasn’t on any big boards but he played like he belonged.

Phillips started his career on the offensive side of the ball. He had 35 plays from scrimmage for 516 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was also a kick returner. In his four-year career, Phillips averaged 24.6 yards a kickoff return with 5 touchdowns and averaged 10.2 yards a punt return with a touchdown.

Once Phillips became a sophomore, he became a lethal corner back. He compiled 127 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 12 interceptions with 5 for touchdowns, and 3 fumble recoveries with one for a touchdown.

This is one lower rounded player that should get a start somewhere. He will get limited time at CB but he should be starting as a returner. This guy has 2 gears. he has a starting gear and then the blazing speed gear. Once he is in the open field he can’t be stopped.

Watch this film and tell me what you see in the comments.

The Cincinnati Bengals Selected Logan Woodside As Their New Backup And QB For The Future

Logan Woodside

The Cincinnati Bengals waited till the seventh round to select their new backup and future QB Logan Woodside. Logan is a gunslinger from Toledo. He is super accurate and has a powerful deep ball.

During Woodside’s three-year starting career, he compiled 92 touchdowns and only 25 interceptions. The best part about him is his accuracy. In 2016, Woodside went 289 of 418 passing at a 69% clip. His deep balls were at a 78% clip. His interception to touchdown ratio is almost 4:1 which is a huge difference from what the Bengals are used to.

Question is can he learn the system and get the same results when it is time to step up? Woodside was a QB in the MAC which thrives on high-powered passing offenses. The problem is the MAC isn’t known to well for their corner backs and safeties. The talent level will be a drastic change for him. Keep in mind though, he is the QB for the future. He has plenty of time to learn.

Watch his accuracy !!!


After watching and reviewing film, I think Woodside is a great addition to the team. Any time the Bengals get one on one coverage he is unstoppable. He knows how to scramble when pressured. He has a keen eye for the sticks. It almost looks like he never passes before the first down marker unless on a screen pass. He is a high-powered areal machine.