Geno Atkins And Carlos Dunlap Are Here To Stay

Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins

All off-season the Bengals fans have been waiting for yesterday to come. Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap are here in Cincinnati to stay.

August 28th 2018 marked the day that Mike Brown secured the Bengals defensive line for the next four years. Mike Brown has been under a lot of scrutiny during his reign. A lot of fans express the feeling that he doesn’t know what talent he has on the ball team. He trades and/or cuts players that should have been a team staple like Andrew Whitworth. Now when he said we have two years to get this to a contending championship team he has made every step possible and this was the final piece to the puzzle. The signing of Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap will secure the defensive line for another 3 to 4 years.

Geno Atkins DT was the Bengals fourth round pick in 2010 from the University of Georgia. He was a great talent but no one knew he would be talented enough 8 years later to be a Hall Of Fame player. He has made it to the Pro Bowl 6 times and the only year he didn’t was when he was injured. He has 61 sacks and only needs two more quality seasons to beat the Bengals all time sack record. His contract extension is good through 2022 which is four years at $65.2 million. 25 million is guaranteed and he gets 37.5 million through 2019. He is worth every penny.


Carlos Dunlap DE was the Bengals second round pick in 2010 from the University of Florida. He has two Pro Bowls and 64.5 sacks. He has been a force on the end for many years. His contract extension goes through 2021 for  three years at 45 million. There are no other specifics on the contract at this time.

So we are in an era where offense reigns supreme. I love the old school mentality that the Bengals have. A great defense still wins championships. One thing I would like to add is: What is better? Having two great Defensive linemen or having one great Defensive lineman like Aaron Donald. Best part about that question is there are more talent on that defensive line that is coming. The best of the Bengals defense will come the next 5 years.

WHO DEY!!!!!


Bet On The Cincinnati Bengals Sack Duo

Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap

The Cincinnati Bengals best sack leaders will be on the spotlight. Both Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins are on a contract year. Bet on those two.

Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins as we all know is approaching their contract year. Usually when players don’t get their extension in the off-season they have to play like it is their last time with the team.

Dunlap and Atkins are both approaching Eddie Edwards for the sack lead in Bengals history. It will take them two seasons to pass him. It will build the incentive for both players if they have a great contract year. This could be why they are waiting to hit a deal. Huge bonuses should be in order. Both players will be in their 30s but they will also possibly see the biggest paycheck in their age range.

Bet on this! The duo of Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins will total 25+ sacks within the 2018 season. Both players will also be ahead of the franchise sack leaders taking over Eddie Edwards spot. The disruption of younger players will also help their cause. Jordan Willis is looking more and more like a starter as an edge rusher and the rookie Sam Hubbard will have a stake at the Qb also.

Geno Atkins is more than capable of having double-digit sacks. He had 12.5 sacks in 2012 and 11 sacks in 2015. He has 61 sacks total in his career. Carlos Dunlap has only one double digit sack season with 13.5 sacks in 2015. He has been less consistent than Atkins but he is more then capable of making double digit sacks. He has 64.5 career sacks.


Can Darius Phillips Contribute As A Starter For The Cincinnati Bengals

Darius Phillips

Everyone has heard of what the former corner back has done in Western Michigan. Now there is a good chance we all can see him contribute as a starter down the line.

Darius Phillips is now known as a defensive touchdown maker. In his four-year college career he had five kickoff returns for a touchdown. Later in his junior year he started returning punts and had a touchdown return. As a corner back he had five interceptions for touchdowns and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. In his freshman year he even had two receiving touchdowns. In conclusion he is a magnet for the end zone.

In OTAs Darius Phillips is already making a splash. In first round of OTAs he had 2 interceptions and a couple batted balls. He is now playing with the first team to see how well things go. He isn’t disappointing anyone.

He looks like he can be the replacement of Adam Jones. This poses a good problem. What happens with Dre Kirkpatrick? His 2017 season was on a huge decline compared to the two years before.

There has been a lot of talk about Dre going out. Darqueze Dennard should be safe as he emerged as a top slot corner back. William Jackson III has earned the right to have a starting role. Dre Kirkpatrick should be safe for now since the team wont be saving cap space till 2019. His trade value at the moment is high now. With a trade it will take nearly 8 million dollars off the books where as if he is cut this year it only saves 1 millions.

There should be no worries to anyone but as starters you could see Darius starting this year sometime. Keep doing what he does best. The secret is out now about this kid from Western Michigan.

Jordan Willis Should See More Playing Time With The Cincinnati Bengals

Jordan Willis

Second year defensive end Jordan Willis is sharpening his skills at the OTAs. With improving his skills and with a good rookie season last year, he should win a starting job.

Jordan Willis had a very good rookie season last year for a back up. He has great lateral quickness and a decent pass rush as he has shown last year. 60% of his snaps last year was on running plays and it was hard for offenses to contain him with his speed and agility.

Problem is Jordan Willis came out of college as a 3-4 defensive end. That is a good indication that we would see more great run stopping ability. The Bengals run a 4-3 defense. This limits Jordan Willis full potential. Reason is because Michael Johnson is a true 4-3 defensive end and has better pressure on the qb. Jordan Willis is not a true edge rusher yet he is forced to play one in the Bengals current scheme. There have been talks that Teryl Austin will run both a 3-4 and a 4-3 in certain situations. This will help Willis.

Jordan Willis had 25 tackles and one sack in his rookie season. He is a huge favorite of new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.  Michael Johnson’s contract is up after this season. In OTAs Jordan Willis has been getting pointers by legend defensive end Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap came to the league as a 3-4 defensive end also but has transitioned quickly to one of the best defensive ends the Bengals ever had.

Look for Jordan Willis to have a great season as a run stopper at the edge. He has been excelling at new moves to get to the Qb on the edge. He will excel as a great compliment on the other side of Carlos Dunlap.


The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins Makes The Top 100 List

Geno Atkins

Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkins has made yet another top 100 list by his peers. He ranked 63rd in 2017.

The Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkinsis no stranger to the NFL Network top 100. This is his fifth time in the top 100. He is ranked 63rd according to his peers. As he turned 30 this year Atkins continues to create havoc to every offensive line. He has 61 sacks and he can’t wait to do some more with the Bengals.

Geno Atkins
Geno Atkins loves sacking Steelers Qb Ben Roethlisberger.

Geno Atkins also is ranked 4th between all defensive tackles in the league. Rams DT Aaron Donald, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy, and Eagles DT Fletcher Cox was ranked higher the Geno Atkins. There can be a great debate on Atkins being compared with Donald then the other two.

Geno Atkins has been dominating since 2010. He has not slowed down. He had 9 sacks and 21 QB hits last season at the age of 29. This year is Geno Atkins contract year. He has been waiting for an extension before this season starts. Regardless he will produce. With Teryl Austin’s new defense expect Atkins to get double digits in sacks and rush the QB at will. He will be battling Aaron Donald for defensive tackle supremacy.

The Bengals Denied Adam Jones His Option

Adam Jones as of Friday was denied his option. That move will save the Bengals 6.3 million in cap space.

With the emergence of WIlliam Jackson, the team no longer wants Jones services. Now they have till March 13th to sign Jones to a team friendly deal or they allow him to sign with someone else in free agency.

Most likely, they should save as much money to roll over next year or just resign Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap now. They will most likely cut Michael Johnson also. This team has made the defense the focal point for most of Marvin Lewis reign. They won’t stop now.

Adam “Pacman” Jones did help make the team better while they were on the big playoff run. It is time to move on and let the talent of the other CBs come in to play.

A Couple Of Things The Bengals Fans Need To Know About Chris Baker

When a lot of fans look at Chris Baker and see his stats they wonder “WHY”. He only has 214 tackles (128 solo tackles), 12 sacks,  7 pass deflections , and 5 forced fumbles. It doesn’t seem like much does it. There was many factors that led up to these stats and why it was a great move to take a good chance on him.

First of all, he started his career as being undrafted with the Denver Broncos. He had played one game and let him go. The Broncos had no need for an undrafted DL in 2009. He was picked up in mid-season of 2009 by the dolphins. Baker was signed to the practice squad in 2010 then became active and played one game before being cut again in 2011. Then the Redskins signed him in 2011 to the practice squad and then was activated and did not play a single game due to a quad injury. He was fully healed in 2012 and recorded his first sack in week 7. In 2014 he was playing good enough to get a 3 year deal and became a big name in 2015. The Tampa Bay Bucs signed Baker during free agency and did nothing with him.

So here are some reasons why Chris Baker  is a good sign.

  • First of all his size is exactly what Teryl Austin wanted. 6’3 and 330 pounds.
  • He is back with a coach that knew how talented he can be ( Jim Haslett).
  • He has the support of a great defensive line that already exists in Cincinnati.
  • He is better than the player he will be replacing in Pat Sims.
  • One year 3 million dollar contract is a great deal for a 30-year-old vet in any position.

He has had on the field issues. One of the negatives that Bengal fans see the most due to the nature of the teams makeup in the Marvin Lewis reign.

Final note: Next year’s class of defensive linemen is a better class to be selecting a rookie which makes a final reason to sign Baker.