The Cincinnati Bengals Are Looking Into The Supplemental Draft

The supplemental draft has been held since 1977 and the Bengals have only picked up one player out of the 43 that have been in this draft. This year there are two intriguing names in the draft.

What is the supplemental draft?

This is a draft where players have had their eligibility eliminated after the regular draft. The Supplemental draft is designed to give underclassmen — who did not petition the NFL for early entry before the draft deadline but find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season — a way to enter the league.

There have only been 43 players that have been drafted in this way since 1977. Only one became a Hall Of Famer. Cris Carter was picked in 1987 and was inducted in 2013. The Bengals have selected only one player in the supplemental draft. That player was Ahmad Brooks linebacker from Virginia in 2006.

This is how the supplemental draft works:

Teams are split into three groups.

  • Teams that won less than six games
  • Teams that won more than six games but didn’t make the playoffs
  • All twelve teams that made the playoffs

Every team can bid on a player of interest and what round they want that player in. Whoever has the higher bid wins the player. No team has to bid. The teams that won a player has to give up the same pick in that round for the next draft season. So if a team picks a player in the 2nd round they have to give up their 2nd round pick in the next regular draft.

Do the Bengals have any interest in the three supplemental players this year?

Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander is a huge player on the Bengals radar. He had 7 picks and 17 pass deflections. Another defensive back on their radar is Mississippi State safety Brandon Bryant. Bryant is a speedster. He was clocked at 4.24 and he can cover the whole field. He can hit like a freight train also.

Watch this footage on Brandon Bryant as he puts it into fifth gear on this pick six play.

In the 2019 NFL Draft the Bengals have five six round picks. If the Bengals want to make a move for either one of these star defensive backs they will bid in the sixth. The Bengals are looking extensively at Adonis Alexander but I have been looking at Brandon Bryant for a while now.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.



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