Will Geno Atkins Set The Bar On Contracts For Defensive Tackles

Geno Atkins is still waiting on  a contract extension. It could be easier if they negotiate quickly. There can be a lot of drama coming from Aaron Donald with getting his extension done.

The two front-runners on getting contract extensions this year is the Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins and the Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. This whole off-season has been all about how big Donald will set the new standard for contracts for DTs. There has been slight difficulty on getting a fair deal done. Donald should be able to get any number signed but there are some other notable players ready for a contract extension also.

Aaron Donald is set to make 25+million a year and most of it guaranteed. Geno Atkins extension has been waiting to see what Donald’s price tag would be. The Rams also have Todd Gurley which is a running back that no one can afford to lose. He would most likely be tagged but they will have to deal with him sooner than later. They also have Tavon Austin and Brandin Cooks that should get extensions because of the way the Rams offense is set up for the receivers. The Rams have 16 free agents in 2019 not including Todd Gurley.

What does the 2019 free agent crisis of the Rams mean to the Bengals and Geno Atkins? It means the bar could be set lower than originally planned. This also could mean Atkins can set the bar and they can even go higher because of their 70 million in cap space for next season. Plus the Bengals have went through their free agent crisis last season. They have a ton to spend. The Bengals need to cut a deal now while the Rams are licking their wounds.

The saturation of star power is unbelievable for the Rams. This will give the Bengals leverage to strike up a deal now when there is plenty of cap space and margins won’t go up.




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