Cincinnati Bengals Rumors Early Predictions

There will be a number of questions that need to be asked toward the Cincinnati Bengals. There will be five rumors that we will focus on. Please make comments if you think these rumors have truth to it.

First rumor is : Jessie Bates will be the Bengals return man.

  • This rumor I will have to agree with.
  • The Bengals reached out to three possible return men and Jessie Bates has to be one of them.
  • They might even have Darius Phillips as a return man too.
  • I believe he will have to win the position though.
  • They are tired of waiting for Alex Erickson to break the big long return to the house. Jessie Bates has proven at a college level he can do it time and again. That is why Darius Phillips is in the mix. He is a touchdown magnet.
  • Jessie Bates was outstanding in rookie camp on returns.

Second rumor is : Will Jordan Evans start in week 1?

  • The only reason why he would start is because of Vontaze Burfict being out.
  • In his rookie season last year, he started out very bad but after the second Steeler game he started to look like a seasoned vet.
  • I like him more than Malik Jefferson. Jefferson needs to earn everything that comes to him just like everyone else.
  • I see Evans starting at outside linebacker with Nick Virgil on the other side. Then I see Preston Brown in the middle.

Third rumor is : The Bengals will receive three compensatory picks in 2019.

  • thinks this is true and I believe they should also.
  • It should be three 6th round picks.
  • They lost Andre Smith and AJ McCarron due to free agency. (key losses)
  • They only gained as a key factor Preston Brown in free agency.

Fourth rumor is : Is Geno Atkins a top five DT?

  • This rumor should not even be a rumor.
  • The rumor should be is a top three DT.
  • Even then he is.
  • It is fair to say the only one better than Geno Atkins right now is Aaron Donald.

Five rumor is : Should Jordan Willis be a starting defensive end?

  • It pained me to see the Bengals still relying on Micheal Johnson.
  • Jordan Willis is a favorite of Teryl Austin because of his size and ability to go with that size.
  • Honestly I like Willis better as a starter than Carl Lawson because Lawson is a passing down player where Willis can play every down.

These are the five rumors. Please leave comments if you want to add to the discussion. There will be more rumors next week.



One thought on “Cincinnati Bengals Rumors Early Predictions

  1. Rumor #1- Agree about Erickson with way to many catches and whatever happened to if it’s over your head at the 10 yard line get away from it. Have seen video of Phillips as a return guy but not much on Bates. Phillips can fly. Rumor #2- Evans has a PFF rating of 35 poor. Not sure but his problem with being able to cover hurt. Indy uses their tight end so Jefferson is suppose to be very good in coverage. Lets find out now because Burfict is marked. Rumor #4- Geno is either #2 or #3 of the best.
    Rumor #5 Each bring something different. Guess Marvin really likes the height of Johnson but I like the motor on Lawson.

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