Can The Cincinnati Bengals Turn Things Around In 2018

Mike Brown gave Marvin Lewis a two-year contract extension. They also gave Lewis a few new faces on the coaching staff. Things need to be turned around now.

Realistically this is what needs to happen. Marvin Lewis has two years to get things done. It all starts with him. In the first year he needs to show improvement. We can’t realistically say the Bengals will win a playoff or even go to the playoffs without seeing any of the additions the Bengals made play a single snap yet.

First thing is first, they need to build up the biggest need they needed the past two years. That is their offensive line. They beefed it up with the trade made with the Buffalo Bills to get Cordy Glenn at Tackle. They grabbed Billy Price former center of the Ohio State Buckeyes in the first round of the 2018 draft. They totally eliminated some players like Russell Bodine and Andre Smith. They also have an offensive line coach, Frank Pollack ,that can evaluate every lineman the Bengals have and place them where their talent lies.

The establishment of a new reconstructed offensive line can do plenty that the Bengals couldn’t do last year. An improved offensive line will give Joe Mixon the validity of being the running back we all know he can be. He played limited playing time and went over 700 yards and that’s with a terrible offensive line. Imagine what Mixon can do with an improved line.


Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon stiff-arms like a boss

A new offensive line will give Andy Dalton more time. The last two years he has been sacks the second most in the NFL. His numbers have been going down since the absence of Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler. He needs the passing lanes opened up. Andy Dalton plays better inside the pocket because his accuracy is never quite there when he is rolling out. This will also open up play action passing when the run gets more respect.

The other part that needs to be focused on this year is the talent of the wide receivers. John Ross only appeared in three games and had one catch and fumbled it. The key is make sure John Ross puts his rookie year behind him. It is in the past. He should have been honest about his healing time. Now that he has had the time to heal that new offensive line should help all the receivers.

John Ross
Don’t give up on John Ross

The Bengals have been missing the talent of two great receivers lost in the off-season after 2015. Marvin Jones is the Detroit Lions number one receiver now. Mohamed Sanu is the Falcons third receiver. They need to get the talent of the Bengals receiver core straight. There is a huge amount of talent with no identity with the exception of AJ Green of course.

With all the additions to the offense and a new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin the Bengals should improve this year. Next year with adding even more to the roster Marvin Lewis has no choice but to win that elusive playoff game.



2 thoughts on “Can The Cincinnati Bengals Turn Things Around In 2018

  1. Larry I agree 100% on most of it but not on Jones or Sanu. Both great receivers but Sanu is the #2 receiver and Jones had more yards last year but Tate is their #1 receiver. Tate went 92 rec. out of 122 targets for 1003 yards and Jones went 61 rec out of 108 targets 1101 yards. But your right they have never been replaced and our OL is the problem. Still don’t understand what Hobson (Bengals writer) wrote on Marvin’s plan to fix the offense was to change coaches use the FA and the draft to fix the problem. Price was a good pick and Glenn is to if he stays healthy. Hard to get excited about a 7th round WR but Hobson is. I felt with 11 picks we should of been able to come out with OL help and someone to stop the run on defense. Don’t have any faith in Terry Austin yet, have to remember he coached one of the teams we beat last year. Good article though and congratulations on your dream job. Fans want someone who will write and give players credit when credit is due and point out when someone needs to step up. Truth hurts sometimes but hopefully they can learn from it

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    1. The reason i love Tate as a 7th rounder is because his talent should have been at round 4. I am not sure why he went so far down. As far as the offensive line I have seen Frank Pollack in action. He can find new homes for all this young talent. They just might be in the wrong places. It will be interesting to see how he puts it all together.


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