Buffalo Bills Cut Richie Incognito

The Buffalo Bills just cut Richie Incognito. Is it worth the Cincinnati Bengals time to look into him?

This has been an emotional week for former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito. He is 34 years old and nearing retirement. He was placed on the reserve/retirement list and just recently got removed from the list by cutting him on Monday. Now he can try to pick up work as a free agent. When he was released everyone was going wild especially for Bengal fans. Now there is a slight problem that just happened today.

Two days after being cut by the former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito had been arrested for commotion at a Florida gym. He through some dumbbells down on a fit of rage. As of now he is undergoing a physiological evaluation.

In just a few days time teams that needed an experienced guard wanted him and now he may have killed his chances of continuing his career.

Richie Incognito was a four-time Pro-bowler. He was named to the Pro-bowl in the last three years with the Buffalo Bills and once with the Miami Dolphins. He has gotten better and better with age.

Should the Bengals think about picking him up. If he is cleared psychologically he can finish his career as a Bengal. The Bengals need skilled guard play along with the young talents they already have at guard. Keep in mind Incognito played as a All-pro for an offense that ranked high on the top ten offenses in rushing the past four years.

Here is the hardship to this. What would you rather want? Would you pay a soon to be retired All-pro for maybe a 2 year deal. Would you pay for a younger player that never lived up to his potential that would require more money. Would you rather save money and go with your young talents at guard with the help of Frank Pollack to guide them?

Yesterday this site mentioned Luke Joeckel which would be the example of a younger player not living up to his potential. With the right coach he can be a star. Now I think Richie Incognito could be a better plan. Sign him for a couple million a year for two years and have the younger talents feed off his knowledge.

This will be an ongoing process. When Incognito gets cleared I’m sure teams will be knocking down his door.


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