Luke Joeckel Can Be the Cincinnati Bengals Last Move In Free Agency

Former Seattle Seahawk guard Luke Joeckel has not been signed with a team yet. Should the Bengals sign him and why hasn’t he been signed yet?

The Jacksonville Jaguars former number 2 pick overall in 2013 draft was guard Luke Joeckel. He signed a rookie contract of $21 million for four years. The Jaguars declined his fifth year option of almost $12 million. The Seattle Seahawks picked him up for $8 million. This year he has a market value of about $11 million to $12 million a year.

Luke Joeckel could be the final piece to the Bengals struggles on the offensive line. He is known for an excellent run blocker hence why the Seahawks picked him up last year. The Bengals want to get back to an old school feel and use the running game a lot. Why not bring in a top five guard when it comes to the run.

Most teams of the NFL are going to a new thought process. Score a lot and be as quick as possible. What ever happened to punishing your opposing defense with a power running game and short passes. Well Bill Lazor wants to bring that back to Cincinnati. The Bengals have a lot of young talent at guard but the do have enough cap to bring in a top-notch guard.

Look for any team to pay him about $12 million a year. I could see the Bengals signing him for a multi-year deal. No other team thinks paying $12 million for a run guard doesn’t justify the NFL being a passing league. The Bengals want to focus on time of possession and field possession which they failed in last season. Get the final piece to the line and Joe Mixon will be set.


2 thoughts on “Luke Joeckel Can Be the Cincinnati Bengals Last Move In Free Agency

  1. I was in Jacksonville during Luke’s years there, maybe the coaching, maybe the player, but he got beat all four years, it was horrible to watch, just saying.


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