The Cincinnati Bengals Steal In The Seventh Round Signed His Rookie Contract

The Cincinnati Bengals seventh round draft pick wide receiver Auden Tate signed his four-year rookie contract last week. He is in Cincinnati for a purpose.

The Bengals believe they have a real beneficial steal in round seven. Former wide receiver from Florida State Auden Tate was a big part of the Seminoles red zone offense. The Bengals are always in need of a receiver like that.

The importance of Auden Tate making the 53-man roster will make vast competition between all the young wide receivers the Bengals have received in the last couple drafts. Why have so much competition? The Bengals have not found the second receiver to help AJ Green get the man to man coverage he wants. The Bengals have been missing a number 2 receiver since¬†Marvin Jones in 2015. The hunt for the next famous duo is close. Last year’s first round draft pick John Ross will be healthy. Auden will be showcasing his talent also.

There is good belief that now number 2 receiver Brandon LaFell¬†wont be here after this season. He has made a couple of good seasons. He hasn’t done anything like they had at one time in that position. His contract will be up after this season.

Here is what Auden Tate’s contract entails :

Auden Tate
Auden Tate’s rookie contract

He is set to get $2.46 million for the next four years. His prorated bonus is $51,804. This is what a normal rookie contract would look like. Rookie contracts don’t hold much dead money in case they need to be cut.

There will be a great use for Auden Tate. He is a great red zone threat in case TE Tyler Eifert isn’t up to par. He has great hands and he has the height like AJ Green does. Let’s see what he can do.


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