Billy Price Signed His Rookie Contract With The Cincinnati Bengals

Former Ohio State Buckeye Center Billy Price just signed his rookie contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. He signed a four-year deal with ,of course, the 5th year option.

Billy Price just signed today (Monday May 21,2018). The only details that were released to the public were that it is a four-year deal and he will be getting a 5th year option. Speculation is that he may have a heftier bonus then most rookie first rounders. He never missed a game in college so he is reliable and that should way in on his guarantee.

Billy Price will be taking over at center position where Russell Bodine used to play at for the Bengals. Without Price playing a single game he has already upgraded the offensive line dramatically. He is a proven leader and he has taken that leadership to the next level. The center is the mastermind of the whole offensive line so leadership and respect is going to be important.

He is a different kind of center than most as a rookie. He has mastered more than the center position. He has played every position on the offensive line as a Buckeye. Down the road when offensive line coach Frank Pollack learns more about what he has to work with he will know who else can work at various positions. Billy Price is just one of a kind.

There have been talks about seeing who else can play center also in case the guard position gets more depleted than it already is. Billy Price can move over and someone else can step up at center. They want to test out Cedric Ogbuehi at center and T.J. Johnson. There can be plenty of scenarios for the line. It is even possible that Price wont even start as a center and move him to guard and have T.J. Johnson be the starting center. That is all up to Frank Pollack and Bill Lazor.



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