The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins Makes The Top 100 List

Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkins has made yet another top 100 list by his peers. He ranked 63rd in 2017.

The Cincinnati Bengals star defensive tackle Geno Atkinsis no stranger to the NFL Network top 100. This is his fifth time in the top 100. He is ranked 63rd according to his peers. As he turned 30 this year Atkins continues to create havoc to every offensive line. He has 61 sacks and he can’t wait to do some more with the Bengals.

Geno Atkins
Geno Atkins loves sacking Steelers Qb Ben Roethlisberger.

Geno Atkins also is ranked 4th between all defensive tackles in the league. Rams DT Aaron Donald, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy, and Eagles DT Fletcher Cox was ranked higher the Geno Atkins. There can be a great debate on Atkins being compared with Donald then the other two.

Geno Atkins has been dominating since 2010. He has not slowed down. He had 9 sacks and 21 QB hits last season at the age of 29. This year is Geno Atkins contract year. He has been waiting for an extension before this season starts. Regardless he will produce. With Teryl Austin’s new defense expect Atkins to get double digits in sacks and rush the QB at will. He will be battling Aaron Donald for defensive tackle supremacy.


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