The Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Leader : Vontaze Burfict

The Cincinnati Bengals will be starting the 2018 season without their defensive captain Vontaze Burfict. He is suspended for four games due to his PED violation.

Bengals olb Vontaze Burfict has started every season since 2014 either on the DL or serving a suspension. He has an old school spirit and plays with an old school mentality. It has gotten to the point where every time Burfict makes a hard hit on a player there could be a flag on a great hit. It has already been said that he could be praised as one of the greats if he was playing in the 70’s.

Usually his suspensions are for disorderly conduct on the field. This time it is for violating PED regulations. Burfict tried to appeal to no great outcome. He had unknown substance in the medication he was taking for his injury suffered by Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster. His appeal was denied.

Another season without the Bengals defensive leader is becoming common knowledge. Soon some skeptics think it is starting to be not worth the time having him not fulfill his season commitment while taking suspensions every season.

In 2013 Vontaze Burfict made headlines. He made the Pro Bowl in his second year. He worked real hard for he wasn’t even drafted. It is not hard to believe that one of the best linebackers in the game wasn’t even drafted. His talent is unreal but his attitude dropped him out of the draft. After his first Pro Bowl he is back to his crazy attics.

Here is the question though. How did he become the leader? He bleeds for this organization. He puts every ounce of energy into everything he does. He never holds back. As his teammates start to realize how gifted he was, they started to follow what he preaches. This defense has been in the top ten in many defensive categories since Burfict’s arrival. Even without him for four games they will give it all they have.

Now will anyone step up in his absence? Backup olb Jordan Evans had a rocky start last season but ended with a lot of experience under his belt. Look for Evans and rookie Malik Jefferson to share the role. When Burfict comes back they will be ready to roll. Hopefully they can get at least three victories during his suspension. That would serve a credit to Teryl Austin for getting two young talents ready for action.

Vontaze Burfict’s actions speak louder than words. That is for the good and the bad. For all the plays he has made it would be foolish to even think about dropping him. He is this defense. This whole defense respects him.


WHO DEY!!!!!


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