The Cincinnati Bengals Have A Chance To Sign Riley Ferguson

The Cincinnati Bengals may have selected and signed the wrong rookie quarterback. Should they go after former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson? He was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Riley Fergusonwas an undrafted free agent that signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs. They decided to go with small school talent at the quarterback position so they cut Ferguson. Logan Woodside was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh round. The sceptics were out on this pick simply because a lot of mock drafts including this site placed Riley Ferguson with the Bengals.

Former Memphis quarterback Riley Ferguson is a perfect fit for the Cincinnati Bengals. He comes from the same type of offense former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton came from. He has a quick release on the ball (under 2 seconds). He had an explosion of weapons to his disposal. In his two-year career Riley Ferguson posted an accurate 63 % completion rate. He averaged almost 4000 yards in his two seasons. He also had a touchdown to interception ratio of 70 to 19 in two years.

After looking at Logan Woodside, he has a huge learning curve. Regardless who they keep this will be a backup learning position. Woodside just never faced high quality defenses in college. The abilities Riley Ferguson possesses can make him the 2nd string quarterback immediately. With the Bengals talent at wide receiver and running back he should have no problem to step in. Riley has had a lot more success in a high-powered offense and played good defenses before. Plus you can actually say Riley can be a quarterback of the future.

What will this cost the Bengals? If Logan Woodside gets cut after June 1 it will cost the Bengals nothing. Riley Ferguson would be signed for even less than Logan. If Logan was cut before June 1 it will just cost his 60,000 signing bonus.

As you can tell in the video Ferguson can throw all the routes with precision. He is extremely mobile. He can throw on the run and across his body. He can run naked bootleg with ease due to being as mobile as he is.


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