Billy Price Knows What The Cincinnati Bengals Expect From Him

The Cincinnati Bengals first round center Billy Price is proving he wants to take a leadership role with all the rookies. He was picked first. He needs to play the part.

How do you play the part of a first round center? The answer is Billy Price. He is a true professional. He knows what is expected of him. He knows he is the face of a newly constructed offensive line. The center runs the show. The center commands the offensive line where to block and controls shifts and movement of the line of every single play. The center has to build trust and leadership. Billy Price has shown the work ethic and the leadership in Bengals mini-camp this past weekend.

In order to become a leader you have to know what is expected of you. Billy Price understands the game speed will be extremely quicker. There has to be split decisions that can make or break a play. He needs to be durable. His work ethic is already strong. He is the first one out to camp and the last one to leave. He is always doing extra drills. They will always find him in the classroom. He needs to not just recognize the speed of defenses but read the different schemes and blitz packages. There is a lot of movement in this offense during running plays. Shifting quickly on gap plays and reaching the second line of defense real quick id something he needs to work on because the game is so much quicker.

Billy Price gives respect to every player in rookie camp. He is the first round pick but he knows he can’t cruise through camp thinking he has a job. He works hard and makes everyone around him work hard.

Billy Price can’t wait to train with the whole offensive line. He can start learning the game speed along with the veterans. Everything that Price has shown so far looks like he will be a great commander in time of that offensive line.

He does a good job off the field too. the media doesn’t shake him. He products himself as a professional of many years when it is only his first year.

The Cincinnati Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack is also a great motivator. That is going to help each and every one of these players trying for a spot on this offensive line. In his first rookie mini-camp experts notice a harder work ethic and morale in the offensive line than ever before.

We will bring you more on Billy Price’s continued learning. It should be interesting how quickly he can learn everything in one training camp. He needs to be ready now and this organization is counting on Price more than ever.


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