Zach Green Signs A Undrafted Free Agent Contract

Zach Green signs with the Cincinnati Bengals about a week ago. He is a former running back from Arizona. The Bengals have a stock pile of Rbs at the moment. The one thing that is great about Zach Green is he is a grinder. He is an old school work horse that can give any team 3 to 4 yards a carry each time out.

He wasn’t drafted basically because of his speed. He never goes sideline to sideline. He dominates between the tackles. Most NFL teams are looking for flash and he doesn’t have it. The thing he does have is a brutality to run over the first player he hits.

In Zach Green’s entire career, he carried the ball 157 times for 746 yards. That is a 4.8 average a carry. He scored 14 touchdowns with 11 coming from last season.

Here is his video. Watch as he dominates between the tackles.


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