The Over/Under On Cincinnati Bengals Wins Is 6

Vegas just the other day listed the Bengals at winning roughly six games. First of all, never read odds before training camp. These odds were made right after the NFL draft. So is this a fair justification or should everyone just take the over and get over it. If these odds were set before the start of the NFL new year then sure it would be a strong bet.

What have the Bengals done so far to sway an over bet?

The Bengals set out to hire two quality coaches that have had success at their positions. Teryl Austin is the new defensive coordinator coming from Detroit. Frank Pollack has had massive success coaching one of the best offensive lines in the game (Dallas Cowboys).

Then the organization actually took sets in getting key free agents. They grabbed Chris Baker,formerly of the Redskins,to help out the defensive line. They signed Bobby Hart from the Giants to compete for a tackle position. They signed Preston Brown from Buffalo to help out at Mlb. The biggest piece of the puzzle was to make a trade with the Bills to get Cordy Glenn to start at LT.

Then the Bengals went to the draft and by drafts end they produced a very strong grade.

  • First round pick – Billy Price Center Ohio State
  • Second round pick – Jessie Bates Safety Wake Forest
  • Third round pick – Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
  • Third round pick – Malik Jefferson lb Texas
  • Fourth round pick – Mark Walton Rb Miami FL
  • Fifth round pick – Devontae Harris Cb Illinois State
  • Fifth round pick – Andrew Brown DT Virginia
  • Fifth round pick – Darius Phillips Cb Western Michigan
  • Seventh round pick – Logan Woodside Qb Toledo
  • Seventh round pick – Rod Taylor G Ole Miss
  • Seventh round pick – Auden Tate Wr Florida State

The Bengals even have 12 UDFA that will be coming to camp.

Bengal fans take this bet. There is a potential for 8 to 9 games to win. This is just by what is seen on paper. Can’t wait to see all these new players be competitive this year. Our first playoff win is getting closer.


2 thoughts on “The Over/Under On Cincinnati Bengals Wins Is 6

  1. Where did you find these odds? Right now the place I wager is at 6.5 on the wins. The only team at 5 on the over/under was the Browns. The jets were at 5.5. I would jump all over it at 5 games. After the draft the line did go up to +2.5 from +1,5 with the Bengals getting the points.

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