Johnathan Hankins Would Be A Great Addition To the Cincinnati Bengals

Johnathan Hankins is the best defensive tackle on the market right now. In March he visited the Redskins and the Lions. He left without a contract. He signed a 27 million dollar contract last off-season and was due to be paid 4.5 million of his 8 million (guaranteed). The Colts were ready to transition to a 4-3 defense and already had four players on the defensive line that were still on rookie contracts. It was a cost-effective move. He was not cut for his massive ability.

Johnathan Hankins was known as a run stuffer from Ohio State. He was picked by the New York Giants in the second round of 2013 NFL draft. He recorded seven sacks that year. He never was known as a pass rusher so it was a great addition. He got injured in 2015 and came back to have another good season. He became a free agent last off-season. That’s where the Colts picked him up. He was picked up primarily as a run stuffer. He did that to a pleasurable degree.

Watch this video. He can’t be stopped off the line. He never gets pushed back.

This is what our money should go to. Dunlap has been showing signs of age. His production has been off compared to his counterpart Geno Atkins. They picked a rookie in Sam Hubbard to help out on the defensive line if Dunlap is gone. Hankins is one year past his rookie contract and the Bengals still have 9.6 million dollars of cap space. Next year the Bengals have an estimated 63 million in cap space. That is more than enough room to sign Hankins and to extend Atkins and Dennard’s contracts.


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