Eric Reid Is Now Filing A Collusion Grievance Against The NFL

Three weeks ago Eric Reid had a visit with the Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown. The Bengals to this date is the only team to meet with him. Eric Reid safety, formerly of the 49ers was the first player to side with Colin Kaepernick during the protests with the kneeling of the anthem.

Before the visit Reid was asked if he would participate in anymore protests and he said no. He goes to the visit and was asked the same question by Mike Brown. Reid didn’t answer for he was shocked by the question. That turned Mike Brown off as he will prohibit any protest on his team.

Three weeks later with no other job offer, Eric Reid decides to file against the NFL. Was Mike Brown in the right or was he wrong? Eric Reid thinks because of the visit and being asked the question about protests caused him to not get a job anywhere else.

The bad thing is, collusion cases are not to easy to prove. Eric needs to prove that every owner is keeping him from a job and for the same reason. Mike Brown was the only owner that gave a visit. That right there only proves the owners don’t want a Db with mediocre skills. He needs more visits to even come up with a case.

This might cause a chain reaction. More players that protested that don’t have jobs will file. All it is doing is giving the sport bad publicity.

At the end of the day, this business is all about winning. There is a thought out there. Maybe Mike Brown is agreeing with all the other owners. Eric Reid is just not sellable to the market at this time. He really isn’t a guy to get when you are looking for talent at Lb to start. Reid might have this all wrong. No other franchise came to him to ask the question of protests. Those owners just know he isn’t a fit for any team at the moment.

This isn’t the first time a player had to retire because he had no work. It was because they weren’t fitting for the NFL. Try your hand in the canadian league.


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