Is Dez Bryant Really A Good Fit For The Cincinnati Bengals?

Many teams are looking to snag Dez Bryant for a year at a cheaper price. These teams think they can get double teams off of their main receiver. Is there actually proof he can do that though? The Dallas Cowboys knew there wasn’t anything left in the tank.

The fact is the Cincinnati Bengals have one more goal in mind. That is to extend the three contracts that need to be dealt with on the defensive side of the ball. The Bengals do have almost 10 million in cap space left and can throw him a one year contract. Bryant hasn’t given the Bengals or any other team for that matter a reason to sign him.

He is getting older. He is starting to get impactful injures. Without using these excuses you can say he has always been a rough bodied receiver that can go after balls. He has no route tree knowledge. That is why at his older age he can’t shake off one on one coverage. He also has terrible hands.

Watch this video on how well his concentration is now.

His concentration is off. He quits on his routes. Dez is not a great presence in the locker room.

Do not look for Dez Bryant to join the Bengals. They already have nine wide receivers invited to camp. With a better offensive line Dalton will find his second receiver in this bunch. It could be Auden Tate.


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