Cincinnati Bengals: Offensive Line Improves And What To Do With The Wide Receiver Core

This off-season the Bengals were to address the offensive line. They did that in free agency and in the draft. The Bengals made a trade with the Bills for Cordy Glenn in exchange for draft pick swaps. They also selected Billy Price (Center) in the first round. Some say that was a reach but as we learned the Vikings reached out saying they were going to select Price. Then Daniels was selected early second round. The Bengals original pick was going to be Frank Ragnow but the Lions picked him up the pick before. So as you can see it turned out vital to pick Price in the first round due to not having a NFL ready center.

As we learned earlier Frank Pollack (new offensive line coach) thinks the Bengals have enough talent to work with. Every position will compete for the job. There hasn’t been competition for every position in quite a while. With Pollack’s knowledge, he will get this once great offensive line back on track like he did with the Cowboys.

The other problem with the offense is the Bengals stacked up the wide receiver core. Of course, the Bengals had a problem with the offensive line but a lot of receivers didn’t perform well. Right now the Bengals have nine wide receivers welcomed to camp. Obviously not all nine will make it.

Wide Receiver Depth
They will break this down to six maybe seven.

The Bengals have their number one receiver AJ Green. John Ross should make a splash for the number 2 spot. Tyler Boyd is tailor-made for the 3rd spot. Cody Core and Brandon Lafell could get cut or could be good trade bait. With that move it would free up almost 4.5 million for any extensions they need to do. They should be keeping Josh Malone. Expect the rookie receiver (Auden Tate) to win a spot. The Bengals might see the end of Alex Erickson special teams use because the Bengals picked up two unbelievable talents in special teams return game. Erickson wont be cut though. Kermit Whitfield will also be cut. That will give them six wide receivers and that will give them three Qbs they can keep.

The stacked wide receiver core keep in mind is just an opinion. We will see what the outcome will be in the near future. Please leave comments for what you think will happen to the receiver core.



3 thoughts on “Cincinnati Bengals: Offensive Line Improves And What To Do With The Wide Receiver Core

  1. They never replaced Jones and Sanu just like Whitworth and Zeitler. Your right about AJ and Ross should be our vertical threat if Dalton has the time. Tyler Boyd never had more then 2 receptions all year except the last 2 games. He only had 1 reception in 4 games and 2 receptions in 4 games which equal 12 catches in 8 games. Erickson had 12 catches out of 16 games but what about his issue holding onto the ball. One site has him 7 fumbles another at 6 last year but both of them have him only losing 1. Now Malone had 6 receptions out of 11 games. Our TE and RB had more receptions then everyone except AJ and LaFell. I know LaFell is expensive but who is going to replace his 52 receptions? All of them had the chance when AJ went down in 2016, LaFell stepped up and Boyd also but Boyd didn’t do much except for 2 games. I think they need a WR with a attitude to show teams they should of drafted him who will get 4 or 5 catches per game and not afraid to go across the middle. Sounds like Auden Tate so I think you are right. I think the Bengals grab someone who gets cut but I see AJ, Ross, LaFell, Tate and hopefully 2 new players.

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