The Cincinnati Bengals Got A Huge Steal In The 5th Round : Darius Phillips

Darius Phillips from Western Michigan is another product coming from a non BCS conference makes his presence felt in the 5th round. His attributes he brings to the table makes him at least a 3rd rounder. This is a steal due to no one really watched him. He wasn’t on any big boards but he played like he belonged.

Phillips started his career on the offensive side of the ball. He had 35 plays from scrimmage for 516 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was also a kick returner. In his four-year career, Phillips averaged 24.6 yards a kickoff return with 5 touchdowns and averaged 10.2 yards a punt return with a touchdown.

Once Phillips became a sophomore, he became a lethal corner back. He compiled 127 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 12 interceptions with 5 for touchdowns, and 3 fumble recoveries with one for a touchdown.

This is one lower rounded player that should get a start somewhere. He will get limited time at CB but he should be starting as a returner. This guy has 2 gears. he has a starting gear and then the blazing speed gear. Once he is in the open field he can’t be stopped.

Watch this film and tell me what you see in the comments.


5 thoughts on “The Cincinnati Bengals Got A Huge Steal In The 5th Round : Darius Phillips

  1. Great video. Goodbye Pacman after watching. There were some bad throws that he picked but it shows Phillips has great hands to go with the speed. Even got 1 from Darnold. Bengals better improve their special teams we had to many illegal blocks and holding calls last year. I didn’t have a clue about Phillips but I always say there are hidden gems in every draft but teams have to be willing to put in the work to find them

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    1. Mark Walton is a surprise pick also. he is a special teams genius. he has amazing blocking skills for a Rb his size and thats why we will use him somewhere in the special teams


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