Frank Pollack Wants The Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Line To Be Job Competitive

The Bengals didn’t add much to their offensive line as originally planned by some experts. They picked up Billy Price (Center from Ohio State) and Rod Taylor (Guard from Ole Miss). They picked up Cordy Glenn (Tackle from Buffalo) as a trade also in the off-season. Marvin Lewis has full confidence that Frank Pollack can get the rest of the offensive line ready with his expertise.

So far the depth chart reads as follows :

Cincinnati Bengals Depth Chart
This depth chart by no means what so ever is the final product.

This is just a rough estimate of what the depth chart would look like now. What Frank Pollack would like to propose is have competition  for each and every offensive line job. It makes sense. There were great contributors in the last two games of the season last year. Christian Westerman and Alex Redmond found the playing time they needed to fight for a starting roll this season.

Cordy Glenn was picked up by a trade so it makes sense having him as their LT. Clint Boling played some at the tackle position but his natural spot is LG. Obviously Billy Price was selected in the first round due to not even having a pure Center. Trey Hopkins will have some good competition at RG. The Bengals also never gave up on Jake Fisher which should be the starting RT.

It looks like Frank Pollack has a lock on almost every position on paper but he wants every job to compete. Pollack has done this with the Dallas Cowboys and his eye for pure talent is amazing. Keep an eye out for Redmond and Westerman again to fight for a job. Some like Redmond better than Trey Hopkins.

Make sure to go out and watch the excitement in training camp. Frank already has them starting their fight for positions in OTAs. Please comment on who you think will make their mark on this team.



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