The Cincinnati Bengals Selected a top Notch Safety

The second round of the NFL Draft has had a lot of drama and excitement. The main story of the draft is how there has been a good amount of first round talent that has been dropping.

The Bengals had the 46th pick in the second round but selected to trade down with the Kansas City Chiefs. That created drama in itself. The three safeties i mentioned in the last post was all available. The main safety was Justin Reid. Then when it got closer to the 54 th pick that the Bengals received, Justin Reid,Ronnie Harrison, and Jessie Bates II were still there.

The Bengals ended up taking one of the safeties that dropped. They took Jessie Bates III Safety out of Wake Forest. This guy can play really any safety position. The one thing he is great at that you don’t see in the NFL is great tackling by safeties. Jessie Bates has picture perfect tackling ability. Watch the Bengals use him in blitz packages. The one thing the offensive coordinator loves to do is have different blitz packages and specifically by safeties. This is going to be a lovely addition.

The details on the trade down with the Chiefs is the Bengals took their 54 and they also swapped 3rd round picks. The Bengals will now have the 77th and 78th picks. With a lot of value picks still falling. This will be an exciting end to-day 2.


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