The Cincinnati Bengals Have A Chance To Take Advantage Of A Trade With The Chiefs

The Cincinnati Bengals trade with the Chiefs is proving to be a very good move. They were able to pick up a first round talent safety. Now the Bengals have an unbelievable array of quality talent that fell from 2nd round to the 3rd. The Chiefs traded their 78th pick for the Bengals 100th. So the Bengals have 77th pick and the 78th pick in the 3rd round.

key players:

  • only one offensive player worth mentioning and that’s Tyler Crosby OG from Oregon
  • Nathan Shepard DT from Fort Hays State
  • Derrick Nnadi DT from Florida State
  • Mo Hurst DT from Michigan
  • Sam Hubbard DE from Ohio State
  • Josh Sweat DE Florida State

These are all players that dropped off from round two status to round three. There might be a potential replacement for Carlos Dunlap if he gets no contract extension.


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