The 2018 NFL Draft Saw The Cincinnati Bengals Flop In The Third Round

The Cincinnati Bengals traded down with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals got the 54th pick and the Chiefs got the 46th pick. The Chiefs picked up who they desired which was Breeland Speaks (DE from Ole Miss). The Bengals took Jessie Bates III. In the trade, The Bengals and the Chiefs swapped picks in the third round. That gave the Bengals two third round picks back to back as the Chiefs got the Bengals 100th pick.

The Bengals ended up with two players that wasn’t even good value picks that were on the board. There was a couple of picks that was 2nd round talent that the Bengals passed on. They picked Sam Hubbard DE from Ohio State and Malik Jefferson OLB from Texas.

The Bengals trading down was a great move but the end result was not as likable as it could have been. In the second round at 54 the Bengals could have had a better value at LB. They could have selected Lorenzo Carter OLB from Georgia or Fred Warner ILB from BYU. Then in the third round there is debate that Jessie Bates would have been there at 77th pick. Ronnie Harrison safety from Alabama was still on the board and he had better draft status than Jessie Bates. Then Arden Key from LSU is a better DE than Sam Hubbard.

In retrospect the trading down was the right thing to do but utilizing the plan didn’t work. It has been known that if safeties start dropping they can drop far. i bet when the Bengals war room saw Harrison still there during their 3rd round picks they knew they should have went LB in the second. Just remember the draft is mainly taking players for the future.

Here are some Video on the three players surrounding the picks and tell me if you think they could have done better in the third round. They took the right player in Jessie Bates but he could have been picked in the third round. Tell me can the Bengals do well with Sam Hubbard and Malik Jefferson

The Bates pick as far as selecting him was great. Sam Hubbard is a livable pick. Agreeing with why they picked Malik Jefferson will take time.


2 thoughts on “The 2018 NFL Draft Saw The Cincinnati Bengals Flop In The Third Round

  1. Bengals blew this one. They may sell tickets to OSU fans but will not fill the stadium due to a winning record. I agree about Bates instead we could of picked the #4 rated T, DT or DE. Could of had #5 rated G or DB and #6 rated LB. We need a starting guard or tackle more then a safety on the bench. Everyone knows Marvin will not play a rookie on defense much but a G or T might of been worth to a thousand snaps. Had waited so long for the draf only to be disappointed again.

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