The Cincinnati Bengals Select Billy Price

The first round of the NFL Draft has been very eventful. Almost every pick was a surprise. The Cincinnati Bengals pick at 21 although was not a surprise. There was no shock value like last draft season with John Ross. This year the Bengals selected Billy Price former Center of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

With so many surprises in the draft every single want was there at 21 except for Frank Ragnow. Ragnow was picked at 20 by the Detroit Lions. The Bengals decided against selecting Wynn and Hernendez at Guard and picked a top Center before it was too late.

Billy Price is one of the most versatile offensive linemen in the draft. He can play Guard but was drafted as a Center. He will be great at heading the line to create holes for Mixon this season. He is quick to latch on to his opponent and has quick feet. He moves from one line of defense to the next very explosively. When he gets to the LB core the RB is already past them.

Billy Price
Billy Price is the most versitale OL in the draft.

The selection will be an immediate upgrade from Bodine. Price is also medically cleared after his accident at the bench press in the combine.

Tomorrow night look for the Bengals to get some defensive help in round 2. In round 3 there will be a few value picks at lb and safety. There might even be a pick for a OT. Great start to a very meaningful draft.


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