The Bengals Don’t Have Many Options On Offense In Round Two

In round one to many picks were unpredictable. For the Bengals they landed a pick they been wanting (a grade A Center). In round two there will be not many options on offense unless a player drops or the Bengals trade up. There really isn’t a player of value to lose picks over a trade unless it is a swap. That won’t happen. So what are the Bengals next options in round two?

The Bengals have the 46th pick in round two. That is likely too big of a drop for Will Herendez to fall. The only chance to pick up a player on the offensive line is if Connor Williams fell a couple of spots. The best picks at 46 will come from the defense.

Best picks on the board at 46:

  • Ronnie Harrison Safety from Alabama
  • Justin Reid Safety from Stanford
  • Jessie Bates II Safety from Wake Forest


At this point Ronnie Harrison and Justin Reid would be a steal. The Steelers picked Edmunds which was not even on the scope for first round and those two safeties were better than him. It would be great to take a steal from the Steelers mistake first round pick.

Jessie Bates II might be a good pick if anyone wants to trade up for the 46th spot. Jessie would be closer to the back-end of the second round. He is a great value at safety and can warrant an extra pick.


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