The Cincinnati Bengals Pre-Draft Analysis

  • With the NFL Draft 2018 coming closer, here is what to expect.

The Bengals need to place importance in front of value. There is a defense heavy draft especially in the defensive backfield. The Bengals biggest need is a Center which can be obtained in day two. The thing is they need to make sure they don’t leave the draft without one of the three top Centers.

Players to look for to drop




These players were expected to go before pick 21. James Daniels was expected due to a Center not warranting a top 20 pick. Isaiah Wynn, the best Guard in the draft can fall due to nagging injury. Will Hernandez isn’t really a drop. He is expected to be close to 21 the whole time.

The best Draft possible for first three rounds

  • Isaiah Wynn pick 21
  • Frank Ragnow or Billy Price pick 46 (Doubtful but James Daniels too)
  • Tyler Crosby and Darius Leonard in the two third round picks

This site has been saying they need to pick up defense in the first round due to the great play makers but the Bengals always find hidin gems in the later rounds on defense. The main focus is building the offensive line.

Happy Draft Day

WHO DEY!!!!!


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