The AFC North Simulated Mock Draft Picks For All Four Teams: Cincinnati Bengals

Let’s take a look at what the Bengals should do in our mock draft. The Bengals need at least a Center and another offensive lineman. The draft is packed with defense which the Bengals need to focus on for depth.

The Cincinnati Bengals in their first round pick 21st overall will be:

Last season the Bengals picked up two edge rushers and this one is better than both put together. With 28 sacks and 48 tackles for loss in his college career, he will be lethal on that All-Pro defensive line.

The Cincinnati Bengals 2nd round pick and 46th overall is:

It has been known since the end of last season that the Bengals had to upgrade at Center. Billy Price is one of the main three out there. Great value position in second round. He can literally play any position on the line but will be preferred at Center.

The Cincinnati Bengals third round pick and pick 77 overall is:

Marinas Rankin has been a top five prospect on the offensive line before and after the combine. He should be NFL ready to start at either Tackle slot mainly left. He also has the intellect to play Center.

The Cincinnati Bengals 100th pick overall also in the third round is:

Darius Leonard dominated the MEAC conference. He is a top five ILB in the country and he can also play OLB. He is a good run stopper but he also possesses great coverage skills which the Bengals do not have at the moment. This is the Bengals steal.

The Cincinnati Bengals fourth round pick at 112 overall is :

Kevin Tolliver II has the knack to beat any receiver one on one. He beat Christian Kirk (top five receiver prospect) with man to man coverage. Can he cover NFL elite receivers? Well remember William Jackson had the same cockiness and he turned out to preach what he says. LSU is known for great DBs. LSU’s DB class this year is almost legendary. This is a great value pick for the Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals fifth round pick and 151 pick overall is:

Jordan Whitehead isn’t the best Safety in the draft but he is one of the best picture perfect tackles at the safety position. The NFL hasn’t produced a great safety class in quite a while. This class had to have a player land in the Bengals lap. This is maybe the most versatile safety on the list for he is an explosive runner and can run offensive plays at RB.

The Cincinnati Bengals next pick also in the fifth round and 158 overall is:

The Bengals still are on the quest for that second receiver that will get the double team away from AJ Green. Calloway is a smaller receiver but he has sure hands and has major explosiveness. He is another leaper so it might help Andy Dalton with his ability to make the high throws. He is also a punter returner. Finding a talent at wide receiver in the fifth round justifies why a team can always wait on talent in the draft.

The Cincinnati Bengals have no selections in the sixth round.

The Cincinnati Bengals finish the draft with three picks in the seventh round.

  • oren Burks at LB
  • Daurice Fountain WR
  • John Atkins DL

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Bengals have hit on every need. They found a few steals and found the depth they needed in defensive positions. This grade is a B+.


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