Lamar Jackson Visits The Cincinnati Bengals

Today Lamar Jackson former Qb sensation of the Louisville Cardinals visited Cincinnati. From first glance you would find it odd that the Bengals would have an interest in a Qb so high in the draft. Well now you can put Lamar Jackson on the board for the Bengals.

Real quick thoughts.

About two weeks ago the Bengals discussed restructuring Andy Dalton’s contract. It was turned down and Dalton was ok with it. The Bengals need the money to re-sign Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap ( which they will have ). The other side of this is Dalton has the best team-friendly contract where he is being paid an average of 16 million a year. If the Bengals decide to cut Dalton before the season starts they only get a dead cap of 2.4 million and after this season all off his guaranteed money is over.

Another thought is the Bengals are notorious for having their first round pick a surprise pick instead of someone at the greatest need. Last season for example, the John Ross pick at 9 shocked even me.

Seriously though, It is doubtful Lamar Jackson will be picked. Plus Jackson has been slated to be selected around the mid teens. So Andy Dalton supporters will not need to worry about this year. unfortunately we will have to entertain the idea.


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