Will The Bengals Draft A Kicker And Keep Him This Time?

In last year’s draft the Bengals selected Jake Elliot (K) in the fifth round. They kept Randy Bullock to be their place kicker instead of Jake. Then Jake got cut and the Philadelphia Eagles picked him up. Then by the end of the season Elliot became a Super Bowl champion kicker.

Of course it is logical that Jake Elliot wouldn’t take the Bengals to the Super Bowl but he proved he could have been a long-term investment. Now as we get closer to draft time again, will the Bengals shy away from drafting another kicker.

This draft the kicker of elite talks is Daniel Carlson from Auburn. He has been on the Bengals radar for a while now. He will fall about the same round and pick as Elliot did last draft. Now his accuracy from long distance range is nowhere near Elliot’s range, overall he is accurate through the rest of the scope.

The Bengals already improving the offensive line and the defense through free agency. They have a chance to dominate the draft in the first 3 rounds filling their needs. There is no reason why the Bengals can’t draft and keep Carlson this draft.


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