Would The Bengals Be Interested In Signing Dez Bryant?

Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys. His contract already had his guarantee paid so the Cowboys escaped with no dead cap. Bryant was set to get 16.5 million dollars because of being cut. The Cowboys cleared 8.5 in cap space. He is now a free agent giving clues that he wants to face the Cowboys twice a year.

Could he become a Bengal? Dez Bryant has three All-Pro years under his belt but the last three years have not been so kind to him. He missed the 1000 yard mark the last three years. He had an injury in 2015 and had a new Qb in Dak Prescott which derailed him. So is he a 30-year-old that is past his Prime or does he have enough for a gunslinger like Andy Dalton?

The answer is no. Yes he Bengals have been waiting for a reason to get Andy Dalton his 1 – 2 punch and Bryant will be cheaper than he was reportedly getting at Dallas. The best way to find Daltons 2nd go to guy is to continue to get young talented receivers.

Who knows. The Bengals might have the 2nd receiver already named John Ross.

He will be better suited to play in the NFC East. There are also reports that you might see him play with Jimmy G in San Fran. Plus there are lots of players trying to recruit him like this:

The Bengals should save this money for the extension of Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap.


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