Mike Brown Taking A Stand Against Protests

Mike Brown had a meeting with Eric Reid last week. He had every intension to bringing on a very talented Safety but something got in the way. Mike Brown asked the question about Eric Reid can no longer protest the anthem. Reid responded not to Brown’s liking.

Eric Reid has a considerable amount of talent that will be over looked because of him being the first to help Colin Kaepernick in the anthem protests. How can an owner turn away talent because of protests yet he does not punish his existing players? The past two decades Brown has signed tons of talent with a long list of arrest warrants.

Reid has not had a single visit this off-season till the Bengals scheduled a meeting. It could be his last due to the stand of an owner that usually allows mischief. This is purely blackballing players due to limiting players freedom of speech.

It is a shame that Brown can’t look past it. The Bengals could be having a great talent that already went thru his rookie contract. Now the Bengals will have to take and develop a safety in the draft. In this league good safeties are hard to come by.

This might be the first down point in the Bengals off-season.



8 thoughts on “Mike Brown Taking A Stand Against Protests

  1. If you’ve been a Bengals fan for long, you know Mike Brown has made a million mistakes ( from a fans standpoint), but I am proud to say this definitely isn’t one of them!
    Mike Brown should “look past this”? Are you freaking kidding me? These guys are protesting the very thing that gives them the right to kneel in the first place. They just want attention. There are hundreds of avenues to stand up for your beliefs, no matter your race or religion. There is not one single person that has earned the right to, or deserves the right to kneel during our anthem. Find a different non – disrespectful way!
    All owners should stand their ground on this.
    Way to go on this one Mr Mike Brown!

    Proud Bengals fan!

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    1. u do have a point there but there is also a point that why is he getting the shaft. i mean Bennet had a black panther salute during the anthem and he gets signed by a new team. Every player that has protested has a job but Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick


      1. Curious how much money was lost last year due to the protest. I think Direct really took a beating when they refunded all the money for the NFL package. I was lucky mine was free. Reid has talent but still gets brought up with Kaepernick. Wish they would get over the past and make the future something to remember.

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  2. Not a fan of Mike Brown sometimes but will agree with him on this one. It is a business first and if a player is going to be a disturbance then why hire him. From what I read Marvin gave him a chance to clean up his answer after the meeting but Reid refused. If you read what Reid said at his brothers pro day about not kneeling during the anthem what changed? Mike Brown told him it would be team policy is what changed. Reid could say anything but when he would of had to sign agreeing not to protest that won’t work for him. Brown did give him the chance to prove he is done kneeling. You knock Brown but the Steelers go out and sign Burnett at safety who is 29 to a 3 year contract and didn’t even talk to Reid. Brown is the only owner who proved he was willing to give a second chance. Great job Bengals

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    1. love the comment and if the protests didnt hurt him i would agree the steelers would have called Reid up bc Burnett isnt worth it according to a talent standpoint


  3. Finally something I can agree with Mike Brown on. A job is something you get paid to do. And if that job requires you to do some things that you don’t like, then you shouldn’t be doing that job at all. McDonald’s won’t make him stand for the national anthem so let him flip burgers.

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