Darqueze Dennard Stepped Up

Last season all eyes were on  Darqueze Dennard. It was his contract year and he made a good enough impression to get his fifth year option exorcised. Remember he was one step away from being removed three years ago because he just couldn’t get the defense.

Last year  Darqueze Dennard had his best year by far. They used him as a 3rd corner in the nickel defense. He turned heads all through the league. Teams that need a very talented nickel corner like the Raiders have been wanting talks with a trade offer but it won’t happen.

As of March 14th,  Darqueze Dennard 5th year option was paid in full reported at 8.5 million. The Bengals will have to realize it will take at least that on average a year if they resign him after the season. He will be the 3rd defensive player that would need to be extended before the season is out.

Just for comparison sake, the Bengals became high on Dre Kirkpatrick when he signed a new contract in 2017. Next season in 2019, the Bengals will have more cap savings then dead money by then if they want to part with him. After Dre got his well deserved contract he had a lackluster performance in 2017. Dre could even be tradable next year. Make no IFs ANDs or BUTs about it Dennard will be staying.


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