Eric Reid Visited The Cincinnati Bengals

Eric Reid is a former Strong Safety from the San Francisco 49ers. In March the interest in his free agency was weak thinking that his kneeling for the anthem was going to tarnish his career. Reid has nothing to worry about that. His attributes to his five-year career for the 49ers were good enough to get some visits.

The Bengals are known to be linked to shady characters but they also look at ability. Eric Reid has the ability. He had a couple off seasons due to a lot of injuries to the 49ers defensive line. He went to the Pro Bowl in his 2013 rookie year.  With a very structured and explosive defensive line like the Bengals have can rejuvenate Eric Reid’s career.

The 49ers projected Reid to make about 32 million for 4 years which makes it 8 million on average a year. The 49ers have the cap space but they don’t know which Eric Reid will show up.

The Bengals might have some cutting to do to contracts that need to be extended before the season starts (Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins). Next year the cap space will be close to 64 million and i would expect cuts from George Iloka and Brandon LaFell.

Cuts by both players will create 10 million in cap space this year. Iloka’s cut will save 5 million in next 2 years and 6 million in the year after. There is definitely room for Eric Reid to come over to the Bengals. I feel that with this defenses strengths he can be a huge asset.


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