Why AJ Green Is Better Than Antonio Brown

How can you tell the difference between one elite wide receiver to another? Of course you can go by the numbers and see what Antonio Brown did the past 4 years. It was the best yardage display a receiver ever posted in 4 years. You can mention Green having one of the best consistent careers ever. Before the 2016 season, AJ Green had over 1000 yards in each of his first 6 seasons which only Randy Moss did it for 7 years. Green was injured in last part of 2016 to end that streak but continued it again in 2017.

Here is the biggest difference between Antonio Brown and AJ Green (even more than the stats). Take Green and have him on any other team and any other QB. He will still be an elite receiver. Andy Dalton is just a mediocre QB that will take advantage of his weapons. We all know though without Green, Dalton would not have a go to receiver.

Now take Antonio Brown and put him with a mediocre QB. Remember he has future Hall Of Famer Ben Rothlisberger. There is a huge difference in Browns play without Ben in the lineup.

Here is tape of just Green’s top ten for 2017 which is not his best year. You will see that almost half the balls thrown should never have been thrown. Although this is AJ Green. He catches balls at its highest point which helps Dalton and his overthrowing. He has break away speed so if you do stay with him one on one and still fail he will find that 5th gear.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Green is better due to a statistical basis. I am saying though I would take AJ Green before Antonio Brown any day. Watch what happens next season when the Bengals fit that offensive line.

Let this video show you what Green can do


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