How The New Targeting Rule Will Hurt The NFL

With concussions going up to a record high last year, the league passed a new rule that will help lower that statistic. The question is will this ultimately destroy the NFL.

The new rule states that any player that lowers their head during a play that can come into contact with another player will be targeting. Even an offensive player can be called for this act. This means for instance a quarterback sneak will soon be out of play books because the QB ducks his head into the line by nature.

There will be way less concussions because of this rule but will take time to learn it. The players are being forced to play a game that they were not taught. There will be an insane amount of penalties and possible ejections.

Now the owners still have to take a vote on seriousness of the punishment. In college any form of targeting is an automatic ejection. They want helmet to helmet hits objectionable at all cost. The flags under new rule will just be a flag.

Think about this. The last game the Bengals and Steelers played in would have had a record amount of flags in one half. This was the game where Ryan Shazier got paralyzed from a now target play under new rule. Also the hit that Vontaze Burfict receiveed from JuJu would also be under the new targeting rule. Plus just in one half 24 plays would have been called under the new rule.

Will this destroy once and for all the fans perspective of a game that was once known as a brutal game? Is the integrity of the game at stake? Will protecting the players at all costs from future permanent damage kill the game?


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