Happy Birthday Geno Atkins

March 28 Geno Atkins turned 30. Geno has had a great career so far and he has many more seasons to give. He is still waiting on an extension to his contract as he goes to Free agency in 2019. Is he worth it? Let’s look this over.

Geno Atkins became the Bengals 4th round draft pick in 2010. After eight seasons he has made it to the Pro-Bowl six times. He was named First Team All-Pro twice. He has 290 tackles and 61 sacks so far. Also Atkins has recorded six pass deflections, eight forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and one defensive touchdown.

Keep in mind Geno didn’t start right away. He was 4th on the depth chart his rookie year. So real you can say he has had 61 sacks in seven years as a starter. He even missed a part of the 2013 season due to injury. He is just 12.5 sacks shy of the franchise record held by Eddie Edwards (stood for 30 years).

Geno Atkins
Memorable Geno Atkins Moments

This is another Bengal great in the making. Will the Bengals give him enough relevancy to get him to Canton. I’m sure no one cares about that now. He is still waiting to stay with the Bengals which looks good right now with all the money the Bengals rolled over for next year.


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