The Giants Say They Aren’t Shopping Odell Beckham JR. But Wants To Get Two First Rounders To Trade For Him

The Giants say they are not trading OBJ but they are listening to offers. The ship has sailed when it comes to the Bengals making an offer. What if two factors didn’t happen two years ago? Just imagine!!! The Bengals have been without a legit 2nd wide receiver since Marvin Jones left in 2016. Think about this.

In the 2017 off-season the Bengals failed to re-sign two powerhouse Offensive linemen (Andrew Whitworth OT and Kevin Zeitler G). If signed then this years draft would change considerably. They would not need to go OL in the first round and the Bengals could draft Ragnow in the second or third round. Chances are they would never had to make a trade for Cordy Glenn this year. They could have had the money saved for Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlaps next contract next season and could have made efforts to make a trade happen and take on OBJ existing contract.

Think about it? The Bengals thought they were saving money the last 2 seasons by losing 2 star receivers and 2 Offensive linemen. When in reality they could have been able to make an attractive offer with the Giants to trade for Odell Beckham JR. now. Think about it. Two of the top 5 wide receivers on the same team. The two best receivers that can draw double teams. The trade pieces would have been set. Now all the Bengals have is to hope they don’t lose two of the best defensive linemen they ever had.

This was just a thought. I would have loved the idea of having an elite Offensive line, a killer run game, and the best one two punch for a receiver duo. It is ok though. It looks like they want to get the go old fashion run game going again.

Side note : For anyone that doesn’t know how well Joe Mixon is, he had almost 1000 all-purpose yards last year with maybe half a season worth of time. Joe Mixon can be our 2nd receiver. Utilized correctly and with a powerful offensive line Mixon can get at least to Le’Veon Bell’s level.


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