Will Hernandez: The Bengals First Pick At 21

There has been a lot of speculation on who will be the Bengals first pick in the draft. A lot of mock drafts have been leading to defense and the Center position. The truth is the Bengals have undervalued the Guard position. They want to change the way the NFL is and become a power run team with Mixon in the backfield. Therefore the Bengals should pick Will Hernandez Guard from UTEP.

Hernandez is a compact monster. He is 6’2″ and weighs 348 pounds. For his weight he has excellent footwork and good speed for a pulling Guard. When he locks you up it is over. He will end when the play is finished. He hits every level on the field quick on run plays and can push rushers way past the QB on apparent blitzes.

There is 3 very big Centers in the draft and it is assumed that the Bengals will go after one in round two. The Bengals do look like they will keep Jake Fisher at Right Tackle. Every NFL team has become a passing team but the Bengals have always thrived on the run. It is time to help out Mixon and have the run open up the pass for Dalton. It is essential to go after the Offensive line pieces before anything else.



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