The Bengals And Bills Are Besties?

It doesn’t take a genius that the Bengals and Bills have been doing the tango since the last game of the season. Trades were made available. A lot of visits by free agents have been going back and forth. It is getting too funny when you watch what is going on.

It all started when the Bengals did their job by beating the Ravens in week 17 in awesome comeback fashion.

The Bills fans were watching as their game was over and they needed a Bengal victory to go to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Here is the reaction.

As the week following went by huge support by Buffalo Bills fans came through and donated to Andy Dalton’s charity.

Over two months have passed and it looks like the two teams are still best friends. The Bengals were able to get Cordy Glenn via trade and swap first round draft picks with the Bills. Then Preston Brown was available to sign. The Bills signed AJ McCarron. Then the Bills were able to take away one of the worst Centers in the league (Russell Bodine). Now they are talking with Kevin Minter formally Bengals LB.

Is this a match made in heaven? This is all a part of business. It does look like the Bengals are getting the better part of the deal. The Bengals filled needs with very good players. The Bills are addressing needs with sub par players.




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