Recapping The Cordy Glenn Trade And The Signing Of Preston Brown

The Bengals had a great head start to the off-season. They immediately addressed to positions of need without having to go through the draft. They need offensive tackle and Center. They were able to trade for Cordy Glenn. They also needed to get a starting Linebacker to help out a very weak Lb core. They picked up Preston Brown.

The Bengals aren’t known for making trades at any time but they sure made it look like they know what they are doing. To recap the Bengals picked up Cordy Glenn from the Bills and in return we swapped out first round picks. Cordy Glenn is at 100% and is one of the better Tackles out there. The thing that made this trade real sweet was the swap of draft picks. It is much harder to have the right pick at 12 since you wont have a top ten and there is a possibility of reaching for a pick. When they made the swap the Bengals now have 21st pick. Now you have tons of avenues and you won’t be reaching for picks. Plus they can go more than just Offensive line now. They can land a great Defensive lineman or a Corner back. They have more to choose from at 21.

The Bengals made a real good sign with Preston Brown. Brown led the league in tackles last year and he knows how to cover unlike what the Bengals had before. He has a one year deal but with him and Burfict together they might be incline to extend that deal next year to a long-term. He is just off his rookie contract and he already gives the Bengals upside to the position.

Main thing is, with both these transactions, the Bengals helped their draft position and put two outstanding young players into their lineup. The Bengals usually draft players and build them up through the system. Now they added two key players that already have shown what they are capable of. The best part is, neither one has really hit their prime yet. They both still growing and hope it will be with the Bengals for a real long time.


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