The Bengals Mock Draft After First Week Of Free Agency

There is a big difference between what the Bengals would do before last week and this week. They had a great splash in trades and Free Agency that it looks more like a defensive draft this year. The main positions on offense are still the Center and Offensive Tackle. James Daniels is purely the best Center in the draft. Then in the 5th round Will Richardson will be our pick at OT.

Looking through all the Defensive linemen and Edge rushers, there was a name that stood out. Ohio State once again produced NFL ready defensive players like Sam Hubbard. Donte Jackson has average size but he plays great nickel corner. BYU has a beast of a LB named Fred Warner. Jordan Whitehead and Trey Marshall could be steals at the round they are placed at Safety.

Michael Gallup is a very good route runner and can potentially be a factor in being the missing link to getting a number 2 receiver. A receiver that can draw the occasional double team is what is needed to free up AJ Green. This kid has extreme potential and has more upside the John Ross had last year.

At the start of this blog Riley Ferguson has always been popping up as a great backup. He will be there in the last round but will there still be a need for a QB in the draft. That is why it’s good to find a QB in the last round.



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