The Bengals Sign Matt Barkley

The Bengals didn’t take long at all to sign a back-up for Andy Dalton. AJ McCarron leaves to go to the Buffalo Bills and Matt Barkley takes his place. Barkley realizes his role and knows the coaching staff of the Bengals take pride in how important the backup QB position is.

Matt Barkley was star at USC and became the Eagles 4th round draft pick in 2013. The main reason they like this kid is by the ties he has with Bill Lazor. Bill Lazor was the Quarterback coach for the Eagles at the time. He thinks with time and having a good line with weapons, Matt Barkley can be a decent QB in the future.

Matt Barkley had a brief time with the Bears in 2016 when he had started 7 games. He completed almost 60% of his passes and had 8 touchdowns and 14 ints. Last year he was on the 49ers as a backup and was signed to Arizona Cardinals at the end of the season.

Matt Barkley is pretty optimistic about this new venture with the Bengals. He has a two-year deal with a team that doesn’t trust their 3rd string QB Jeff Driskel the past two years to move to the backup role.


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